Abu Garcia Revo SX

Are you ready to revolutionize your fishing experience? Look no further than the Abu Garcia Revo SX, the low-profile reel that’s about to take your angling game to new heights! In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into what makes this masterpiece from Abu Garcia so exceptional. Get ready for a smooth and seamless fishing adventure like never before as we explore the buttery-smooth features and innovative design of the Abu Garcia Revo SX. So, grab your mystery tackle box,  because it’s time to reel in some serious excitement!

Introduction to Abu Garcia Revo SX

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is a low-profile baitcasting reel that was designed with the serious angler in mind. The reel’s compact design makes it easy to palm, and its 11+1 ball bearings give it an incredibly smooth feel. The Revo® SX features include a HEGTM (High Efficiency Gearing) system for increased power and durability, an InfiniTM brake system for precise cast control, and a MagTrax brake system for consistent brake pressure. The Abu Garcia Revo SX is available in five different gear ratios to suit your fishing style.

Highlights of Abu Garcia Revo SX

If you’re looking for a low-profile baitcasting reel that’s both smooth and powerful, the Abu Garcia Revo SX is a great choice. It is ideal for fishing with larger baits and lures because of its maximum drag of 20 pounds and gear ratio of 7.3:1. The Revo SX also features Abu Garcia’s signature Carbon Matrix drag system, which provides exceptional drag power and smoothness. Plus, the reel’s flat-top design makes it more compact and easier to palm, while its aluminum frame ensures strength and durability.

Details on Features and Components

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is a workhorse of a baitcasting reel, designed for both novice anglers and experienced bass fisherman alike. The primary selling point of the Revo SX is its smoothness; it features 10+1 ball bearings, giving it one of the smoothest casts of any reel on the market. Not only is it easy to use for long periods of time, but its low-profile design also makes it ideal for kayaking or boat fishing.

But the Revo SX is more than just a boat that gets you where you’re going without a hitch; it’s also loaded with amenities that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, its MagTrax brake system ensures precise control over your cast, while its Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag system can handle even the strongest fish.

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of baitcasting or you’re a seasoned pro, the Abu Garcia Revo SX is a reel that can deliver results time and time again. The Revo SX is one of the best-selling baitcasting reels on the market right now, and it’s easy to understand why: it casts smoothly, has a wide range of useful features, and is built to last.

Infini Spool II

Like the original Abu Garcia Revo® SX, the Infini Spool II uses a unique spool design that is significantly lighter than a traditional aluminum spool. The Infini Spool II also features an improved brake system for even greater control.

The new Abu Garcia Revo SX is one of the lightest reels on the market, and it’s packed with features that anglers will love. The Infini Spool II gives anglers even more control over their casting, while the improved brake system ensures smooth, consistent performance. With its low profile and sleek design, the Revo SX is sure to be a favorite among freshwater anglers.

Infini-Brake System

The Abu Garcia Revo SX spincast fishing reel is one of the best in its class. This reel features a low-profile design and a buttery smooth drag system that make it a great choice for anglers of all skill levels. The SX also has a six-pin centrifugal brake system that provides exceptional braking power and control. This makes the SX an ideal choice for those who want to fish in heavy cover or target large fish.

Magnetic Brake

A brake is a device used to slow or stop the rotation of a fishing reel. The three main types of brakes used on baitcasting reels are centrifugal, magnetic, and mechanical. Each has its own set of pros and cons that make it better suited to various scenarios when fishing.

Magnetic brakes use magnets to create resistance against the spinning spool. This type of brake is the most popular for baitcasting reels because it is very effective at preventing backlashes while still allowing for long casts. Magnetic brakes’ primary drawback is that they may not be as long-lasting as other varieties and may require more frequent replacement.

Power Stack Drag System

The Power Stack Drag System of the Abu Garcia Revo SX provides smooth, consistent drag performance thanks to its multi-disc drag system. This drag system uses multiple discs to provide a wider surface area for drag force, meaning that you can apply more pressure to the fish without fear of them breaking your line. When fishing for larger fish, this feature is very useful because it allows you to exert more force without worrying about breaking your line. The Power Stack Drag System is also designed to be highly durable, so you can count on it to withstand the rigors of fishing season after season.

9+1 Bearings

Abu Garcia’s Revo SX spincast reel is one of the company’s most popular models, and for good reason. It’s a low-profile design that’s extremely comfortable to use, and it features nine+1 ball bearings for smooth operation. The drag is also quite strong, making it a great choice for anglers who need a reliable reel they can count on.

Abu Garcia Revo SX

Performance Evaluation

It’s no secret that many anglers consider the Abu Garcia Revo SX to be one of the best bass fishing reels on the market. But what makes it so special? Let’s take a closer look at this Abu Garcia Revo SX review.

As its name suggests, the Revo SX is a low-profile reel, which means it’s narrower and lighter than traditional baitcasting reels. This makes it more manageable and less taxing to use, particularly over the course of a full day of fishing.

Another big selling point for the Revo SX is its buttery smoothness. This reel has 10+1 ball bearings, which contribute to its incredibly smooth operation. Not only does this make casting and retrieving easier, but it also minimizes line tangles and twists.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is built to last with a durable construction that can withstand plenty of abuse. All of these factors add up to make the Revo SX one of the most popular choices for serious bass anglers.

Comparison to Other Reel Models

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the right fishing reel. The reel’s competitiveness with other models is a crucial factor to think about. In this Abu Garcia Revo SX Review, we’ll take a close look at how this low-profile reel stacks up against other popular models.

When it comes to overall design, the Revo SX definitely has a sleek and modern look. More significantly, though, it’s constructed from high-quality materials that make it sturdy enough for use in saltwater. This reel’s small size is yet another perk. It’s one of the smallest reels in Abu Garcia Revo STX, which makes it ideal for anglers who want to save space on their tackle box or boat deck.

As far as performance goes, the Revo SX is hard to beat. It features a smooth and powerful drag system that can handle even the biggest fish. And thanks to its magnetic brake system, you can make quick and easy adjustments on the fly without having to remove your line from the water. The Revo SX is an incredibly versatile and well-rounded fishing reel that’s sure to please anglers of all skill levels.

Final Thoughts on Abu Garcia’s Revo SX

When it comes to low-profile baitcasting reels, the Abu Garcia Revo SX is one of the best on the market. It’s well crafted and easy to use because to its snappy drag mechanism. The price may be prohibitive for some, but avid fishers will find that the Revo SX is well worth it.

Field Test

Abu Garcia’s Revo SX spincast reel is one of the lightest and most comfortable reels I’ve used. This reel has a strong, sturdy feel and is very well balanced for its lightweight design (6.7 ounces). The ergonomic shape and soft grip on the handle make for a pleasant experience.

I took the Revo SX out for a spin on my local river, and it performed flawlessly. The drag was smooth and consistent, and I was able to easily cast into the wind without any issues. The line retrieval was also impressively fast, making for an enjoyable fishing experience all around.

I was extremely impressed with the Abu Garcia Revo SX spincast reel. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and performs flawlessly in all conditions. If you’re in the market for a new spincast reel, I highly recommend giving the Revo SX a try.


When it comes to Abu Garcia’s Revo SX spincast reel, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. This reel is one of the easiest and smoothest I’ve ever used.  The low-profile design makes it extremely comfortable to grip and handle, and the 10+1 bearing system ensures smoothness and precision that are unmatched in this price range. Additionally, the machined aluminum construction results in a lightweight yet durable reel that won’t break the bank.


There are a few potential drawbacks to the Abu Garcia Revo SX that anglers should be aware of before making a purchase. Firstly, the reel is on the pricier side, which may not be suitable for everyone’s budget. Secondly, some users have reported that the bail wire can come loose over time, causing the line to tangle. The reel isn’t the lightest option for those who want an ultralight setup, but it’s still better than nothing.


Overall, the Abu Garcia Revo SX is an excellent value for money and one of the best options on the market when it comes to low-profile baitcasting reels. Its smooth operation, lightweight body, and robust design make it a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, quality baitcast reel. Whether you’re just getting started with fishing or are an experienced angler looking for a reliable reel that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Abu Garcia Revo SX.