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Best Bait For Shark Fishing in Florida

Sink your teeth into the adrenaline-pumping world of shark fishing in Florida! In this captivating article, we dive into the depths of Florida’s waters to reveal the top contenders for luring these majestic predators. Prepare to unlock secrets that will have you reeling in trophy-sized sharks and creating unforgettable memories. So, grab your gear, tighten those knots, and let us show you how to hook success with our guide to the best bait for shark fishing in Florida!

Types of Sharks in Florida Waters

There are over 50 species of sharks that have been documented in Florida waters. Blacktip sharks, big hammerhead sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, and tiger sharks are among the most prevalent species.

Several factors should be considered before going shark fishing. If you were going to catch a shark, what kind would it be? What season is it, exactly? And what kind of bait will you use?

Blacktip Shark: Along the Florida coast, the blacktip shark lives in both shallow and deep seas. They may reach lengths of 6–8 feet and weigh up to 200 pounds when fully mature. Blacktip sharks are most commonly caught during the spring and summer months. When bait fishing for blacktips, anglers often use small fish like sardines or herring.

Great Hammerhead Shark: The great hammerhead is one of the largest sharks in Florida’s seas, with potential lengths of 20 feet and weights of over 1,000 pounds. You may spot them everywhere, from far offshore to right next to the beach, in Florida’s summer. When bait fishing for great hammerheads, anglers often use large fish like tuna or mackerel.

Lemon Shark: The lemon shark is a common coastal species that can be found in both inshore and offshore waters around Florida. They typically grow to be 10–12 feet long and weigh around 400 pounds. Lemon

Best Bait for Shark Fishing in Florida

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best bait for shark fishing in Florida. What works best is dependent on the shark species being targeted, the time of year, and the location of the fishing.

For most sharks, live bait is always going to be the best option. This can be anything from fish to squid to crabs. If you’re targeting specific species like blacktip or bull sharks, then cut bait can also be effective.

The time of year also plays a role in what bait is best. In the spring and summer months, smaller baitfish are going to be most active and plentiful. However, during the fall and winter, larger baitfish like mullet or mackerel are going to be more available.

The waters you’re fishing in will also dictate what’s most effective. Nearshore areas with sandy bottoms are going to have different prey than offshore areas with rocky reefs. Pay attention to what’s being caught around you and adjust your bait accordingly.

The Spanish Mackerel

There are many different types of bait that can be used for shark fishing in Florida, but some are more effective than others. Here is a list of the best baits for shark fishing in Florida:

Offshore Live Bait: Live bait is always a good option when fishing for sharks. Offshore, you can use baitfish such as blue runners, ballyhoo, or threadfin herring.

Cut bait: Cut bait is another good option for shark fishing. Cut-up pieces of fish such as bonito or barracuda make good cut bait.

Live eels: Eels are a favorite food of many sharks, so they can be a good choice for bait. You can either use whole eels or cut them into pieces.

Dead fish: Although most people believe that sharks exclusively eat live prey, dead fish can be used as bait. If you don’t have any fresh bait, using dead fish is better than nothing.


If you’re looking to go shark fishing in Florida, you’ll want to use the best bait possible to increase your chances of success. Sharks may be caught using a variety of baits, but sliced mullet is one of the most successful.

Cut mullet is a popular type of bait for shark fishing because it’s easy to prepare and sharks love it. To prepare cut mullet, simply cut the fish into small pieces and thread it onto your hook. You can also use other types of fish as bait, but cut mullet is definitely one of the best choices.

The best places to go shark fishing are in areas with dense marine life. Sharks are attracted to areas where there is food, so places like reefs or shipwrecks are often good spots to find them. You should next set up your equipment and wait for a bite in your newfound fishing hole.

While catching a shark may be a thrilling and gratifying experience, safety must always come first. Never try to fight off sharks if they approach too close, and always observe all safety precautions when working with sharks and their equipment. You may have a productive day of shark fishing in Florida with just a little forethought and persistence.

Where to Find Shark Bait

If you want to fish for sharks in Florida, you’ll need to find a good source of bait. You can buy shark bait from many tackle shops and online retailers. You can also catch your own baitfish, such as bluefish, mackerel, or jacks.

Some fishermen use live bait, with stingrays, catfish, and eels being a few examples. Others prefer to use cut bait, which is easier to keep on the hook and often just as effective. You should try several methods of rigging cut bait until you find one that works best for you.

Whatever you’re using as bait, keep it fresh. Sharks are attracted to the smell of blood and decaying flesh, so stale or frozen bait won’t do the trick. If you’re using live bait, keep it healthy and lively by keeping it in a cooler or aerated live well.

How to Prepare the Bait for Fishing

If you’re fishing for sharks in Florida, you’ll want to use the right kind of bait. There are several options for bait, but live bait is always the most successful. You can either use fish that are common in the area or something called “chum.”

Chum is made up of fish parts and blood, which attract sharks. You can make your own chum or purchase it from a fishing supply store. To prepare chum, simply mix it together in a bucket with some water.

If you’re using live bait, you’ll want to keep it fresh. Live bait can be purchased from a bait shop or collected in the wild. Until you’re ready to use it, keep any bait you’ve collected in a cold, dark spot.

Put the bait on the hook and cast your line when you’re ready to fish. Be sure to keep an eye on your line so you know when a shark takes the bait!

Tips and Techniques for Successful Shark Fishing

  1. Use heavy tackle. When shark fishing, you need to use heavy-duty tackle that can handle the fight.
  1. Use a wire leader. A wire leader will help prevent the shark from biting through your line.
  1. Use fresh bait. Sharks are attracted to fresh bait, so make sure to use something that was recently caught or caught within the past few days.
  1. Chump the water. To increase the likelihood that sharks may bite your bait, chum the water.
  1. Be patient. Shark fishing takes patience, and you may have to wait a while before you get a bite.

Alternatives To Traditional Shark Fishing Methods

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional methods of shark fishing, consider using a spearfishing rig. Using bait to catch sharks might be dangerous, but with the right equipment, you can spearfish from a safe distance.

Another alternative is to use a handline. This type of fishing line is attached to a rod and reel but doesn’t have any weights or hooks. When a shark bites your bait, you won’t be able to use a reel to bring it in. This method can be tiring, but it’s often successful at getting sharks to bite.

Consider using live bait. Anything from a little fish to a giant squid or octopus fits this description. You’ll need to keep the bait alive by keeping it in a livewell or cooler full of water, and you’ll need to be careful not to let the shark consume the entire bait fish. To attract sharks to bite, you may need to put in some extra work by using live bait.


To successfully catch sharks in Florida, you have to use the right bait. By presenting some of the best baits out there, we hope this guide has helped you make an informed choice about what to use when shark fishing in Florida. If you want to become an expert fisherman, you need to put in some time on the water, so try out a few different kinds of tackle before making a final decision. Good luck out there!