Belly band holsters are very important and always help you when you need them. Suppose you are in a challenging crisis and realize that you don’t have your gun with you. This will create a terrible situation for you, and you don’t want to face that. 

Belly band holsters are made of surgical-grade elastic or firm-vold vectors, so they are comfortable to wear as well. But not every single belly band holster provides the same comfort and fulfills its duty. 

There are always good and bad types in the market. And you don’t want to end up buying the bad ones. A good belly band holster is hard to find. We have done that work for you. So let’s see which one is the best belly band holster.

1. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry 



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The ComfortTac Ultimate belly band is versatile enough to fit any size that measures up to a 44″ belly measurement. This holster is well made up of strictly woven neoprene, which provides extra softness and ease for the user to be worn without the fear of getting scratched on the skin.

It is a unisex belly band that can be worn by both men and women. It, too, provides an extra shooting opportunity as it comes in two different draws for both left-hand and right-hand shooters. The ComfortTac belly band comes with a hard plastic trigger guard to provide additional safety. Extra pocket and movable spare magazine pouch too included in the package.

The ComfortTac belly band has a salient feature, making it versatile enough to be carried around in any position like it can be worn inside the waistband or outside the pants, cross draw, appendix, a 5 o’clock behind the hip, or a concealed carry shirt.


Pros Cons
  • This holster is quite versatile to fit in different sizes.
  • This is a unisex holster.
  • It comes with different draws for left-hand and right-hand users.
  • The mag pouch is of no use as it allows the mags to slip when you tend to move.

2. BravoBelt Belly Band Holster For Concealed Carry

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The BravoBelt band holster is also quite versatile that suits all size up to a 44″ midsection. Considering to provide ease with your movements from place to place, this BravoBelt comes in a very comfortable outlook that molds to your body to hide and carry your handgun for the entire time of movement.

We were dazzled by the holster’s cozy casing. When you set up the band on your abdomen, it will keep your handgun near your body, making it extremely simple to hide. Furthermore, this band is additionally restful to wear.

Another beneficial thing about this model is that it offers additional extra space close to holding your handgun. You can store different magazines, keys, cash, or even a cellphone while utilizing this model without any hustle.


Pros Cons
  • This provides extra storage capacity to hold other things as well.
  • Its design is quite comfortable so you can wear it for longer times.
  • Provides an opportunity to hide your handgun while you carry the gun with you.
  • This holster is well suited to compact and subcompact pistols, but it lacks to feature full-sized pistols.

3. UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band

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The UnderTech UnderCover belly band is quite user friendly and adaptable. This holster comes in various sizes, so it will oblige most shooters, regardless of how little or enormous their belly is.

The capable strap well maintains flexibility and resistance to sweat. This holster is featured as it wraps itself around the belly and provides comfortability for the user when needed to operate. Something incredible about this model is that it can fit most handguns, and it accompanies two-gun openings. One of the openings is extraordinarily intended to fit guns, while the other is intended for programmed guns.

The holster can use both hands. You can pull your weapon with one or the other hand, and you can disguise the holster effectively under a shirt or T-shirt on account of its comfortable arrangement.


Pros Cons
  • It comes in a wide range of sizes, making it adaptable to be worn by any physiques.
  • It can fit itself around your belly perfectly.
  • It features two-gun openings so provide multitasking opportunity.
  • The sizes it comes in is larger than the user’s actual sizes, so you have to keep an extra precaution while measuring your belly according to the chart provided before setting up an order for you.

4. BLUESTONE Black Original Belly Band


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Bluestone makes most of their stomach band holsters with the purposes behind on leave and support at the need list’s highest point. The ease of use is excellent, and its comfort makes sure that it doesn’t wear off too early.

The real holster, which is expected for self-loader firearms and is ready to utilize two hands, protects the weapon with a Velcro thumb break. This is outstanding amongst other belly band holsters for the money as it is budgeted on a low scale with many features for the users. The thick flexible sewed with solid dark stringing keeps your weapon secure and stuck firmly set up.

If you are moving around, then carrying some essential equipment is a hustle. To overcome this need, another initial separate from the holster is provided for the extra space to keep cards, keys, and money, etc. It too comes with a six months return policy by the manufacturers.



Pros Cons
  • Simple Peel Velcro thumb breaks permit snappy admittance to your sidearm and the contiguous extra magazine.
  • Thick flexible sewed with solid dark stringing keeps your weapon secure and stuck firmly set up.
  • Expertly sewed holsters and magazine pockets ensure solidness and durability.
  • Upheld by a half year merchandise exchange.
  • The straps of the holster are long and fixed.
  • The holster may not fit well for larger firearms.

5. VORCOOL Concealed Belly Band Holster


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VORCOOL Concealed Belly Band Holster comes at a very low price and is of amazing quality. So if you are looking for something on a low budget, this is the right choice for you. The VORCOOL Concealed Belly Band Holster is very comfortable to wear.

The band Holster is perfect for both left-handed and right-handed users. The stuff and material of VORCOOL are very breathable and will not give you any issue. It is foldable as well, so you can place it anywhere when you are not using it.

The VORCOOL Concealed Belly Band Holster does not come in different sizes, but the retractable design can be adjusted according to different bodies. The design is very basic, and it can be hidden under your clothes as well.


Pros Cons
  • The belly band holster’s fabric is breathable and comfortable.
  • The design is retractable and can be adjusted.
  • The belly band holster comes at a very reasonable price.
  • The design is very basic.
  • May not be suitable for larger firearms.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Trolling Motor



The thrust will tell you how many loads a motor can handle while it’s running. So it is essential to buy a trolling motor with a strong and efficient thrust. Determine the weight of your boat and then buy thrust according to it. For every 100 pounds, 2 pounds of thrust is required.



The main thing you have to do all the time is to steer the boat and motor. And for this purpose, a strong handle is required. A comfortable and robust handle makes everything easy. You will not get tired. The ergonomic handles are the most comfortable.



You don’t want to be stuck in between a river because your trolling motor’s battery died. It is essential that the engine has a good and robust battery, and it will last longer. So make sure that the battery is good enough for the motor you are buying.



The part which goes underwater is the shaft. So it has to be long enough to go down in the water and have a perfect position. You have to choose it according to your boat. If the distance between the waterline and transom is around 16-inches, then go for a shaft that is 36-inches long.



A good trolling motor is significant because the whole boat system works with it. So make sure you buy it with consideration because you will spend a good amount of money. We have explained the best trolling motors for pontoon boats, so you don’t have to roam here and there searching for a perfect one. Also, we have mentioned some of the essential things to consider before buying a trolling motor. We hope that you make the right decision now.