Daiwa Lexa 300 Review Daiwa Lexa 400 Review

Looking for a reel that can handle anything you throw at it? Look no further than the Daiwa Lexa series—the perfect combination of power, precision, and performance. With both the Daiwa Lexa 300 and 400 models under our microscope today, we’re thrilled to bring you an in-depth review that will leave you itching to get your hands on these top-notch fishing reels. Whether you’re battling monster fish or casting with finesse, these heavy-duty beauties are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. So sit back, relax, and delve into our comprehensive Daiwa Lexa 300 Review and Daiwa Lexa 400 Review—because trust us when we say this: once you experience their incredible power firsthand, there’s no turning back!

Introduction to Daiwa Lexa Reels

When it comes to Daiwa Lexa reels, there are a few key features that make them stand out from the competition. First and foremost, Daiwa Lexa reels feature an impressive drag system that can handle even the biggest and most powerful fish. Additionally, Daiwa Lexa reels are built with high-quality materials that make them durable and built to last. Daiwa Lexa reels come in a variety of models that each offer different features to suit the needs of any angler.

Features of the Daiwa Lexa 300

The Daiwa Lexa is a high-performance, top-of-the-line baitcast reel. Because of its many useful features, it is a top pick among experienced fishermen and novices alike. Here are some of the highlights of this great reel:

  • Smooth and powerful drag system: The drag system on the Daiwa Lexa is incredibly smooth and powerful, making it easy to control your line when you’re fighting a big fish.
  • Easy-to-Interchangeable handle: The Daiwa Lexa can be used comfortably by either lefties or righties because of its reversible handle.
  • Easy-to-access thumb bar: The thumb bar on the Daiwa Lexa is easy to reach and use, so you can make quick adjustments on the fly.
  • Machined aluminum frame: The frame on the Daiwa Lexa is made from machined aluminum, which makes it extremely durable and sturdy.

Features of the Daiwa Lexa 400

The Daiwa Lexa 400 is packed with features that make this reel an excellent choice for both novice and experienced anglers alike. The first thing you’ll notice is the large, comfortable handle, which makes reeling in even the biggest fish a breeze. Additionally, the Daiwa Lexa 400 features a robust drag system that can handle even the most stubborn fish. The sturdy build of this reel ensures it will serve you well for many years.

Aluminum frame and side plate (gear side)

The Daiwa Lexa is built with an aluminum frame and side plates that provide strength and durability. The Lexa’s gear side is also equipped with Hiryu XLA line guides, which are designed for use with high-end braided fishing line for trout.

7-Bearing System (2CRBB, 4BB, +1RB)

The Daiwa Lexa is a high-performance baitcasting reel that features a unique bearing system. The two CRBB bearings are designed for smooth operation, and the 4BB+1RB bearings provide extra durability. This reel also features a one-piece aluminum frame for strength and rigidity and a Machined Aluminum spool for added strength. The Daiwa Lexa is a reliable reel that will provide anglers with years of trouble-free performance.

Swept Handle with weight-reducing cutouts

The Daiwa Lexa features a swept handle with weight-reducing cutouts. This construction makes the reel lighter, making it more comfortable to use for long periods of time. The sweeping design of the handle makes it easy to have a firm grip, even when your hands are wet.

counterbalanced power handle on P Models

The counter-balanced power handle on P models of the Daiwa Lexa ensures smooth and easy retrieval with every cast while also providing ample power for fighting big fish. This feature is especially useful when using heavier lures or line, as it helps to prevent fatigue and keep your arms from getting too tired.

Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD)

The Daiwa Lexa is one of the most popular reels on the market, and for good reason. It’s affordably priced, has a smooth drag system, and is built to last. But how does it perform when put to the ultimate test?

In this Daiwa Lexa review, we’ll be putting the reel through its paces in a variety of different fishing scenarios, from light-duty freshwater fishing to heavy-duty saltwater fishing. We’ll also be testing the reel’s drag system to see how well it stands up to big fish. So if you’re thinking about purchasing a Daiwa Lexa, read on for our full review.

Magforce Cast Control

Magforce cast control is one of the many great features that come with the Daiwa Lexa. This feature allows you to control your casts with great precision, making it easier to land your lures where you want them. You may perform more precise spells and expend less time and energy thanks to this enhancement.

Dawia Lexa 300 and Dawia Lexa 400 Alternatives

If you’re in the market for a Daiwa Lexa 300 or 400 fishing reel, you may be wondering what your alternatives are. The Lexa series is a top seller for Daiwa, but there are plenty of other excellent choices that may be a better fit for you. Here are some alternative Daiwa reels to consider:

  • The Daiwa Tatula CT Type R: This reel is designed for bass fishing and comes in both right- and left-handed models. It has a 7.3:1 gear ratio and can hold up to 140 yards of 12-pound test line.
  • The Daiwa BG 3000: This reel is also designed for bass fishing and comes in both right- and left-handed models. It has a 6.2:1 gear ratio and can hold up to 150 yards of 14-pound test line.
  • The Daiwa Fuego LT: This reel is designed for saltwater fishing and comes in both right- and left-handed models. It has a 5.7:1 gear ratio and can hold up to 330 yards of 20-pound test line.

Performance Tests of the Daiwa Lexa 300 and 400

When it comes to freshwater baitcasting reels, the Daiwa Lexa is one of the most popular models on the market. The purpose of this Daiwa Lexa review is to determine whether or not the Lexa 300 and 400 live up to their reputation.

To start, we’ll be looking at tuna fishing in California. For this test, we used a 15-pound line and put 30 pounds of drag on the reel. The results were impressive, with the reel easily handling the big fish. We were also impressed with how smoothly the reel worked, even when under a lot of strain.

Next, we decided to test the Daiwa Lexa’s saltwater capabilities by going after some large game fish off the coast of Florida. We used a 25-pound line and increased the drag to 40 pounds. Once again, the reel performed admirably, hauling in several large fish without any problems. The smoothness of the retrieve was also impressive, making it easy to fight fish even in heavy currents.

We’re very impressed with the performance of both the Daiwa Lexa 300 and 400 models. These reels are definitely built to handle big fish, and they do so with ease. We think you should give these two baitcasting reels serious consideration if you’re in the market for a new one.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to Daiwa Lexa, there are definitely pros and cons to consider. On the positive side, this reel is very affordable and packed with features that anglers will love. Its cast control system is top-notch, allowing for more accuracy and distance when casting. The drag is also smooth and consistent, providing a great experience when fishing. On the downside, some users have complained about the handle feeling loose and uncomfortable. Others have also said that the reel can be difficult to put together. The Daiwa Lexa is a great value for the price and offers a lot of features that serious anglers will appreciate.

Comparison to Other Reels

There are a few things that set the Daiwa Lexa apart from other reels on the market. For one, its 11+1 bearing system is top-of-the-line, ensuring buttery-smooth operation every time you cast. It’s also one of the lightest reels in its class, so you won’t get weighed down when fishing all day. And finally, its unique Davies design means that this reel looks as good as it performs.

There are a few key things that set the Daiwa Lexa apart from other reels in its class. To begin, its gear ratio is significantly greater than that of its main rivals. The die-cast aluminum body and anodized finish make this reel very sturdy and long-lasting. The Daiwa Lexa comes with a number of high-end features that are not usually found on reels in this price range, such as a fully sealed drag system and a weight-forward design.

Final Thoughts on the Daiwa Lexa Reels

The Daiwa Lexa is an excellent choice for anglers who are looking for a versatile, high-quality reel that can be used in a variety of fishing situations. Whether you are targeting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, trout, or any other fish species, the Daiwa Lexa will help you land more fish. With its smooth drag system and durable construction, the Daiwa Lexa is built to last and will provide anglers with years of dependable performance.


The Daiwa Lexa reels are reliable performers that have made a name for themselves by providing anglers with great value. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet high-quality baitcasting reel or something top-of-the line, the Daiwa Lexa can meet your needs. Our comprehensive review has provided insight into each of the Lexa’s specifications and features, as well as our opinion on which one is better suited for beginner and experienced anglers alike. We hope you found this article helpful in selecting the right reel for you!