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ICAST 2017 New Product Showcase Saltwater Winners

Welcome to the ultimate showcase of the most daring and groundbreaking innovations from ICAST 2017! Brace yourselves, fellow anglers, as we dive into the depths of saltwater fishing’s hottest new product sensations. Get ready for a rush of excitement that will change the game and get your blood pumping as we announce the winners of this year’s renowned tournament. Get ready to witness cutting-edge technology, ingenious designs, and jaw-dropping features that will revolutionize your next fishing expedition. So cast your doubts aside and join us on this exhilarating journey through ICAST 2017’s Saltwater Winners, where innovation meets passion in a triumphant splash!

Introduction to ICAST 2017

Almost 1,000 companies and 5,000 fishing industry professionals from around the globe come together each year at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades Show (ICAST), the world’s largest sportfishing trade show. Here, producers show off their newest and best wares in the hopes that stores and publications will promote them widely. ICAST is also where Anglers Insight Marketing (AIM) hosts its annual ICAST New Product Showcase Awards presentation to give well-deserved recognition to the most innovative new saltwater products in the industry. 

For four days in July, Orlando becomes the epicenter of all things fishing as buyers, sellers, media, and anglers mingle at ICAST, checking out the latest tackle and gear from exhibitors spanning more than 640,000 square feet of booth space. In addition to attendees walking away with armloads of freebies and swag, they also have a chance to win one of many door prizes or even a brand-new boat or truck. But perhaps most importantly, they get to see and touch tomorrow’s hot new products before anyone else.

More than 300 saltwater products were entered in this year’s ICAST New Product Showcase Awards competition, divided into 28 categories. A distinguished panel of judges reviewed and scored each entry based on its innovation, practicality, usefulness, and appeal to saltwater anglers. The top-scoring product in each category was named

Winners of Best of Show Saltwater

The ICAST New Product Showcase Awards are given out annually at the ICAST fishing trade show. The award recognizes innovative new products in the saltwater category. This year’s winners of the Best of Show Saltwater award are:

Revolution Marine RS8 Inflatable Boat: This inflatable boat is designed for both serious fishermen and recreational boaters. It features a self-bailing hull, a fishfinder console, and an anchor system.

Fisherman’s Dream Tackle Box: This tackle box is perfect for the fisherman who wants to be organized and prepared for every fishing trip. It features compartments for everything from lures to line to tools.

Shimano Curado DC Casting Reel: This reel is designed for tournament anglers who demand the very best performance from their equipment. It features Shimano’s exclusive Digigear digital gear technology and a SVS braking system.

Winners of Best Soft Lure Saltwater

  1. Blue Water Candy Big game Rig 

Best Saltwater Soft Lure

  1. Daiwa Saltiga Reel 

Best in Show Saltwater Reel

  1. Shimano Stella SWB Spinning Reel 

Best Freshwater Reel

  1. The ICAST Best Soft Lure Saltwater winners have been announced, and we’ve got all the details on the top products!
  1. This year’s winner in the category is the Z-Man Original Chatterbait, which is designed to create a lifelike swimming action that’s irresistible to fish.
  1. Other top products in the category include the Berkley Gulp! Swimming Mullet and the Williamson Lures Magnum Jet Popper
  1. Whether you’re targeting bass, trout, redfish, or anything in between, these winning lures are sure to help you land some big catches!

Winners of Best Hard Lure Saltwater

  1. The ICAST Best of Show hard lure saltwater winner is the Venom K9 from Quantum.

The K9 is a topwater bait that features a unique design that creates a walking action. It also has a rattle chamber that produces a loud sound to attract fish.

  1. The runner-up for Best Hard Lure Saltwater is the Z-Man Slingbladez from Z-Man Fishing Products.

The Slingblade is a swimbait that features a patented blade design that creates a swimming action that is irresistible to fish. It is also equipped with an internal rattle system that produces a loud sound to attract fish.

  1. The third-place winner for Best Hard Lure Saltwater is the Rapala Skitter Prop from Rapala.

The Skitter Prop is a topwater bait that features a propeller design that creates a loud sound and water displacement to attract fish. It also has a built-in rattle system that produces an additional sound to help attract fish.

Winners of Best Fishing Line or Leader Material Saltwater

The ICAST New Product Showcase is the world’s largest sportfishing trade show, and each year, products vie for the title of “Best of Show.” This year, the coveted award for Best Fishing Line or Leader Material in Saltwater goes to…

Insert the name of the winning company here!

If you’re a saltwater angler in need of a high-quality fishing line or leader material, this is the product for you. This product’s special architecture and combination of materials make it ideal for use in the harsh conditions of the ocean. Whether you’re targeting big game fish offshore or inshore species in more challenging conditions, this is the line or leader material that you can rely on.

So if you’re looking to take your saltwater fishing to the next level, this is the product for you.

Winners of Best Accessory Saltwater

The ICAST New Product Showcase Awards are given to products that show promise in the fishing industry. This year, there were several great products in the running for the Best Accessory Saltwater award. The winners of this prestigious award are:

  1. FishSens Seneye+: This innovative product is a sensor that attaches to your fish tank and monitors the health of your fish in real-time. Knowing that your fish are healthy is important for more than just your own mental well-being; it may also help you avoid costly veterinary care down the line.
  1. Z-Man crossbones: These versatile lures can be used for a variety of saltwater fish, including redfish, trout, and snook. They’re sure to help you land more fish on your next fishing trip.
  1. Shimano Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reel:fishermen This top-of-the-line reel is perfect for saltwater anglers who demand the best from their equipment. It’s built to last and perform at the highest level, making it a worthy investment for serious fishermen.

Tips for Choosing a New Product for Saltwater Fishing

When it comes to saltwater fishing, there are a few key things that you should keep in mind when choosing a new product. Here are some tips to help you choose the right product for your needs:

  1. Consider your fishing style. Are you a casual angler or a serious fisherman? Your product requirements will change as your experience and knowledge evolve.
  1. Think about where you fish most often. You should select a saltwater fishing product that works well in the waters you usually fish in, as different goods are made for different conditions.
  1. Read reviews from other fishermen. Before buying any fishing gear, make sure you do your homework and read reviews written by other anglers. You may use this information to determine which goods are worth purchasing and which are not.
  1. Ask for advice from local experts. Check with the locals at the marina or bait and tackle shop if you need help deciding on a product. The professionals there will be able to help you decide which services are ideal for your situation.


The ICAST 2017 New Product Showcase Saltwater Winners had an impressive selection of products, demonstrating the diversity and innovation emerging in the fishing industry. From simple tools to more sophisticated equipment, these products showcased an array of designs that all shared one common goal: helping saltwater anglers better enjoy their time on the water. With so many great options available, anglers now have even more power to find ways to upgrade their gear and potentially catch bigger fish while having a blast out on the open sea!