Penn Conflict Reel

Are you an avid angler searching for the perfect fishing reel? Look no further than the Penn Conflict Reel. This innovative piece of equipment boasts unmatched quality and performance, making it a top choice among fishermen everywhere. Whether you’re chasing after big game fish or casting in a tranquil stream, this high-tech reel delivers maximum power and precision every time. Ready to learn more about what makes the Penn Conflict so special? Keep reading for our comprehensive review!

What is the Penn Conflict Reel?

Penn Conflict Reel is a documentary about the University of Pennsylvania’s 1913 football team. The film tells the story of how this team, which was composed mostly of Ivy League students, upset the then-powerhouse University of Michigan.

The movie is just over an hour long and has received praise for being a well-made piece that sheds new light on this historic event. It features interviews with players, coaches, and others involved in the game and boasts excellent production values.

If you’re a fan of Penn athletics or simply interested in American history, you’ll definitely want to check out the Penn Conflict Reel.

What are the Rounds?

Penn Conflict Reel is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

The film tells the story of Penn’s 1897 football team, which overcame a 3-0 deficit against Johns Hopkins to win the inaugural national championship.

In addition to being a gripping sports movie, Penn Conflict Reel is richly documented with archival footage and photo galleries. The film’s production team spent over two years collecting, organizing, and restoring the film’s footage.

To help celebrate the release of Penn Conflict Reel on Blu-ray and DVD, we’ve put together ten facts about this incredible film: 

  1. Penn was one of only nine teams invited to participate in the inaugural college football season.  
  2. Despite predictions that they would lose by scores of 43-0 or 44-0, Penn finished the game with a 10-3 victory against Johns Hopkins. (It was later revealed that two late touchdowns were nullified because officials spotted a player from Johns Hopkins in the wrong end zone.) 
  3. The 1897 edition of Penn’s Maroon & Blue was one of the most physically imposing teams ever fielded. Nearly half (46%) of their players weighed more than 180 pounds, compared to an average player weight today of around 155 pounds. 
  4. Many players on this historic team went on to successful professional careers, including Jim Thorpe, Ed Strange, and Red Grange, among others. 
  5. Filmmakers sought permission from descendants of some

How to Watch

If you’re a Penn football fan, the next few months will be pretty exciting. The Nittany Lions start their season on September 1st against Temple in Philadelphia. Penn FC is hosting its inaugural season in the USL this year, and they’ll be playing at Bryce Harper Stadium on campus while also using Finn Field as an alternate venue. Let’s take a look at how to watch all of the action:

Home Games

Penn FC’s home games will be played at Bryce Harper Stadium on campus. Fans can purchase tickets online or at the stadium box office. Parking is available at numerous garages and lots around campus and is free after 6 p.m.

To view live video streaming of Penn FC matches, fans can visit YouTube or USL Live. On weekends, live streams of all matches are available on In addition, Comcast Sports Philadelphia offers a channel devoted to Penn Football, which can be found in many Comcast markets across Pennsylvania and Delaware (except for Wilmington). You can also find live audio streaming of all PSP games through Penn Live’s “The Score” app and website.

Away Games

If you’re unable to attend a game live, there are several ways to follow Penn Football away from home this season. Penn FC away games will be played at various stadiums around the United States,- including Milltown Stadium (New Jersey), Montclair State University’s Shuart Stadium (New Jersey), Finley Stadium (Tennessee),

Round 1: Guatemala

Penn players took on Guatemala in their opener of the Concacaf Hexagonal. Penn took an early lead, but Guatemala battled back to tie the game at one. Penn came out swinging in the second half and cruised to a 3-1 victory.

Penn’s scoring started with a goal from Jimmy Mulholland in the 17th minute. His header found its way past Guatemalan goalkeeper Juan Carlos Lopez and into the net. Lopez was able to make a save on Emmanuel Ledesma’s follow-up effort, but John McCarthy notched his team-leading fourth goal of the season just six minutes later. The Golden Boot leader converted a penalty kick in the 42nd minute after being taken down by Iván Caicedo inside the 18 yard box.

Guatemala got on the board early in the second half through Alberto Quintero in the 48th minute off an assist from Julio César Flores. But it would be Bellewaarde who sealed all three points for Penn moments later after he tallied from close range in stoppage time. With this win, Penn sits atop Group A of Phase 1 of CONCACAF qualifying with nine points from two games played.

Round 2: Bahrain

The second round of the Penn Conflict Reel Tournament kicked off on Feb. 5, with several matches taking place in Bahrain. The first matchup of the day saw Dartmouth face off against Yale. The Bulldogs edged out their Ivy League rivals 9-7 in a close match. Later that evening, Brown faced Columbia in what turned out to be another tight contest. The Lions narrowly won 7-6, closing out the day’s play with victories over Pennsylvania and Cornell. In all, nine teams competed in Round 2 of the tournament, with only three still remaining: Dartmouth, Brown, and Columbia. Thursday’s games will determine who advances to Saturday’s semifinal round, where the eventual champion will be crowned.

Round 3: Colombia

In the third and final round of matches at the Penn Conflict Reel Film Festival, Colombia faced off against Panama. The match was close throughout, with both teams leaving everything on the field. In the end, Colombia’s resilient defense proved too much for Panama, as they emerged victorious with a score of 3-2.

This win sends Colombia into the semifinals as Group B winners, where they will face off against Spain on Saturday. Despite their loss in the final round of play, this has been an incredible tournament for Panama, who have improved noticeably since their debut last year. Congratulations to both teams for their hard work and determination!


Penn Conflict Reel Review

Penn State’s documentary film series Conflict Reel is back for its second year. This year, the focus is on mental health awareness. Starting Sept. 25 and running through Nov. 20, select Penn State screenings will feature Mental Health: A New Frontier, which was co-written and directed by Lisa Solomon (pictured). The film is a journey into the human experience of mental illness by examining both the challenge and potential of addressing one of the world’s most complex problems.

Penn Conflict Reel

Solomon began working on the film in 2009 while she was a graduate student at Haverford College in Philadelphia. After completing her degree in 2013, she traveled to Serbia to interview people with schizophrenia about their experiences and hear firsthand accounts of how social stigma and discrimination shape their lives. Writing Mental Health: A New Frontier gave her a unique opportunity to consider how topics like mental health and human rights intersect from multiple perspectives. The visual aspects of the film are underscored by powerful personal stories, making it a universal story about humanity. 

The Penn Conflict II Reel series provides an engaging way for audiences to learn more about PSU’s diverse programs and engage with important issues on campus. This fall’s films provide an excellent opportunity to open up conversations about mental health awareness on campus and raise awareness of the importance of community engagement in combating global issues like mental health.”

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Infinite Anti-Reverse

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Infinite Anti-Reverse

The Penn Conflict Reel is one of the most intriguing, aggressive, and relentless progressive metal albums released this year. It’s an ambitious concept album that tells the story of two warring civilizations: The Terrans and The Skrells.

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Penn Conflict Reel is an interesting puzzle game that challenges players to think on their feet. The puzzles are well thought out and make good use of the environment, which makes for a stimulating experience. The only downside is that it can be a little difficult to get into at first, but once you do, it’s hard to put it down. Penn Conflict Reel is definitely worth taking a look at if puzzle games are your thing!