With advanced technology and right equipment where everything in our lives is getting easier, finding fishes are also one of them. Fishfinders have made life easier for anglers. Anglers had to wait for hours and, with their guesses and knowledge, catch the fishes. Now the time has changed, and every angler owns a fish finder. 

With the help of a fish finder, you can quickly locate the fishes and even catch tough-to-locate fishes like crappie. There are many fish finders in the market, but the question that arises is that do they all work efficiently? The answer will be ‘no.’ Because not all of them are of good quality. To save you from a scam, we have made a list of the best fish finders, especially for crappie fish. Let’s discuss them further. 

1. Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer GPS Fishfinder

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If you search for a specific fish finder that provides you with results underneath the water that too with great precision, then this Garmin Striker needs to be your first and far-most choice. It displays excellent results by producing images of fisheries and locating objects that are pretty around.

It casts the CHIRP technology that makes it effective by increasing the reach and enhancing the accuracy measure. It can work efficiently in water depths ranging up to 1600 feet in freshwater and 750 feet when it comes to salty water. In addition to these features, the ClearVu Scanning makes it evident with the image quality for what’s happening under the water you are on.

Moreover, it is pretty user-friendly when it comes to everyday use. Its screen size ranges from 3.5 inches to 7 inches. This fish finder provides you an accurate measure of depth, temperature, and objects underneath. It is pretty budget-friendly, and the parts are lightweight. To have a power source on your kayak is a must thing. Its screen brightness is low when used in sunlight, and particular care needs to be taken when using this fish finder as it lacks special protection against water.


Pros Cons
  • Top-of-the-line technology
  • Exceptional casting range
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Some components are too light
  • The screen’s brightness is relatively low
  • May have a high price point

 2. Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar



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If you have issues plugging in the power source every time you are going to use the fish finder and want this issue to be resolved, this portable and easy-to-carry fish finder needs to be your go-to option. It provides easy connectivity to mobile phones and tablets and features the GPS availability feature.

It is pretty handy when it comes to accuracy as it provides the size and shape of the objects you are looking forward to. It, too, provides assistance to show the depth of water at which your targeted object is located.

To increase image quality, the narrow beam of this finder is to be used. If you want to cover larger operation areas, then the wider beam is to be used though that reduces accuracy and image quality.

The assembling and installation of this fish finder are relatively easier. It is a lot heavier in the pocket when it comes to budget. Yes, the end-users often report connectivity issues and lose accuracy when the fishing is done in areas where there are bridges or the water is undoubtedly muddy.



Pros Cons
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Features two different beams to suit user demands
  • User-friendly
  • May be expensive at the time of purchase
  • Connectivity issues have been reported

 3. HawkEye FishTrax 1X Portable Dot Matrix Fish Finder



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HawkEye’s fishfinder features an LCD that is so clear that you can read it, and it is visible no matter what the circumstances areThe screen display is a top-of-line variant as the screen is visible enough due to LED-backlight even when used during the sunlight. This fish finder uses Sonar technology to get images of the fishes. The range it provides is entirely adjustable, with distanced objects also being visible enough.


It features user-friendly adjustable sensitivity, depth range, and auto-zoom functions. It is quite budget adaptable for the features that it holds. But yes, sometimes the preset sensitivity causes some errors while being used.


  • Can operate at greater depths
  • Improved image quality and accuracy
  • User-friendly with GPS and sonar technology
  • Connectivity can be a hassle at times
  • Performance issues have been reported

 4. Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Chirp Fish Finder 

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The main objective that you hold from your fish finder is to locate the fish and mention it. This process is made more accessible if the image display is more precise enough for the user. So undoubtedly, this Raymarine Dragonfly holds the capacity to facilitate the user in this way. It is pretty evident from its name that the fish finder is advanced enough to feature the CHIRP technology. The range is well covered by ultra-wide chirp down vision technology. While operating at a greater depth, it even provides clearer images.

The dual-channel CHIRP sonar can send beams that make the screen’s images quite precise and increase accuracy and clarity. The fish finder can too be connected to your mobile phone or tablet. It has a pre-installed GPS that helps to locate and provide an accurate measure of one’s standing.

Though its usage is relatively easy, there are reported problems with its performance. On the other hand, it comes for a satisfactory and well-justified price for its features. But yes, the connectivity is sometimes a hustle.



Pros Cons
  • The fish finder uses CHIRP technology which provides better and more accurate fish detection than traditional sonar.
  • The Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Chirp Fish Finder comes with a 7-inch display which makes it easy to view the images.
  • The fish finder has built-in GPS which allows you to mark your favorite fishing spots and track your path.
  • The fish finder has a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to stream live sonar data to your smartphone or tablet.
  • The price point of the Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Chirp Fish Finder is on the higher end compared to other fish finders in the market.
  • The fish finder may be too complicated for beginners to use.

5.  Humminbird 410230-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2 Fish Finder 

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Image quality is something that all users focus upon and wish not to compromise on it no matter what. So yes, this fish finder suits the user’s demands as it can easily differentiate between the fishes and the other non-relevant objects around the corner.

Well, this is quite obvious that the CHIRP sonar technology is what makes the imaging clearer. This finder features the side sonar and the down sonar as well, so it can’t miss any fish that is around. The dual-beam provides assistance to portray accurate and clearer images of whatever the user wishes to see on the screen.

The base map technology assists in a way that it has a preset base map of fishing areas. It features the GPRS technology that helps with the directions. The live map chart is also one of its essential aspects. The LCD is quite user-friendly and easier to maneuver around. On the contrary, the mounting stand is often complained about for its loosened-up screws.


Pros Cons
  • CHIRP sonar technology increases accuracy and range
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dual beam provides clear images
  • Mounting stand reported to have loosened up screws
  • May experience connectivity issues

6.  Lowrance HOOK2 5 – 5-inch Fish Finder


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If you are out in the market to look for a product that can easily be installed on a smaller boat but too works effectively equal to other fish finders, this Lowrance Hook 2 fish finder is what you should aim to. Its screen size is 5 inches that are moderate size, but what makes it unique enough is the compact buildup that makes it practical even to fit a small space.

It provides an interface that is quite user-friendly and has an outlook similar to that of a smartphone. So even a layperson can get their hand over this device quite quickly with less or even no amount of hustle. It covers a wide range of area that is made accessible by the CHIRP Sonar technology as it provides the overall down and side scan.

It has an inbuilt map that helps reach out to areas that are not well known to the anglers themselves. It is said to be a very compact device that aids you throughout your fishing mission as it too features the GPS in it.

The users are seen reporting issues that the mounting bracket cannot pass the quality test, and its design isn’t impressive. As time passes, the images on the screen tend to loosen up clarity.


Pros Cons
  • Relatively user-friendly device
  • Occupies less space and easier to install in small spaces
  • Can cover larger areas due to Sonar technology
  • Mapping technology helps to exploit new fishing areas
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Mounting bracket lacks top-notch quality and design
  • Image clarity decreases with time
  • May require regular maintenance

 7. Garmin Striker 7SV with Transducer

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Are you looking for a more outstanding display to see your target fishes? So, you are precisely just one step away from fulfilling your needs. This Garmin Striker 7S is the game for you. It features a large 7-inch LCD that has no issues even when used under daylight.

It comes with a power of 500 watts which is considered to be a plentiful power supply. It has the top of line Sonar technology that allows the beams to penetrate a lot deeper in the water to get more explicit images of what is to be attacked. This device also has a quickdraw contour mapping ability that helps you save locations and find new areas of fisheries with GPS help.

The active captain app is also well in your range as this device allows Wifi connectivity. This fish finder is durable enough and is well justified for its price. Though the fish finder is a lot easier to set up in the first place, the app is quite complex to use and requires some experience for its usage.



Pros Cons
  • Large screen size
  • Easy to set up and connect to WIFI
  • Helps in the navigation of maps through GPS
  • Justified for its purchase price
  • Map building feature is not efficient and smooth enough

 8.  Humminbird Helix 10 Chirp Mega DI 

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Every other angler wants to have a more detailed look into the fishing area and, yes, looking for a device that helps locate fish moving around the area. Then, this Humminbird Helix 10 chirp fishfinder would be your first choice. It has a very high-end color screen that provides images with a greater degree of perfection and clarity.

The sonar technology helps the device penetrate even more profound to locate fishes and objects up to 125 feet in depth. The narrow and wide beam has its following advantages: if you are to see through a narrow beam, it will increase accuracy and limit range. On the contrary, the wider beam will increase the capacity while compromising image quality.

This device assists with Bluetooth connectivity as well. The Transducer has the excellent built quality and works effectively, but yes, you have to buy the Transducer on your own separately. Though the fish finder is well in range for the pricing, purchasing the Transducer can add to its initial cost and be a hustle.


Pros Cons
  • Screen provides more excellent quality of colors
  • Narrow and wide beam options
  • Provides Bluetooth connectivity
  • Durable with high-end-built quality and design
  • Buying a transducer separately adds to its overall cost and is considered a hassle too

9.  iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder


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This fish finder helps to locate fish that are not well in reach of the boat itself. The lakes and rivers with smaller excess can be made more accessible as this compact fishfinder provide coverage to crappies that are present on a larger scale.

Its portable design helps it be carried around, making the scan easier. It can work within 100 meters as part of the Bluetooth wireless synchronization technology accessed by Android and iOS users. The inbuilt GPS technology helps to locate areas of fishing. This device can work for more extended periods as it comes with a rechargeable battery that works for even more than 10 hours of continuous usage.

The inbuilt audible alarms are also a salient feature that helps to find crappies. To keep track of your fishing history, the free app for iBobber does it for you. This fish finder works effectively in conditions of both saltwater and freshwater.


Pros Cons
  • Provides access to narrow areas as well
  • Provides Bluetooth connectivity
  • GPS technology helps to create and save routes
  • Long-lasting battery life for continuous fishing
  • Inbuilt audible alarms help to find fish
  • Expensive device
  • Can only be synced with Apple devices

10.  Outlife Fish Finder Wireless and Rechargeable

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Outlife Fish Finder is a wireless fish finder that can cover a large area and help you find crappies from anywhere. The Sonar system is strong enough to protect the depth of 120 feet in the water. The Outlife Fish Finder is a perfect choice for experienced anglers because it covers a wide range of water. 

The bright display makes sure that you will see every detail happening in the water. No matter if you are fishing in dark or sunny weather, you can see the screen very clearly. The battery timing of Outlife Fish Finder is also good and can last up to 5 hours. It works on four AAA rechargeable batteries which makes it more convenient as well. 


Pros Cons
  • Wireless and can cover a large area
  • Great battery timing
  • User-friendly device
  • Some users face a problem with the screen brightness.



Crappie fish is now easy to catch because we have mentioned the best fish finders from the market. You have various fish finders to choose from according to your preferences, but each one of them is worth buying. So try one and enjoy catching all the crappie fishes from the water.