Ask any angler, and you will know the importance of good quality and durable spinning reel. It is the primary equipment which goes fishing every time with you. A good spinning reel is hard to find, especially when you have a tight budget.

You can have many options, but mostly when the prices reduce, the quality of the product also gets worse. This makes it hard to find a good quality spinning reel at a reasonable price. But we are here with a surprise. 

We finally have found the best and good-quality spinning reels with all the hard work and effort, just under $200. So to save your time, let’s have a look at them

1. Shimano Baitrunner D

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Shimano has no doubt succeeded terrifically in building its name when it comes to fishing. Every angler we meet knows about Shimano and has a fantastic experience with its products. Shimano Baitrunner D spinning reel is for those who are looking for something to use in saltwater.

Shimano Baitrunner D is a perfect option if you are on a budget. The reel is lightweight and comes in two different colors and different sizes as well. The line capacity starts from 5 pounds mono to 15 pounds in the braid. 

The secondary drag system of Shimano Baitrunner D allows free spooling with the bail closed and allows the bait to move efficiently. The Shimano Baitrunner D is a perfect choice for medium to the small size of fishes. The grips of the reel are very comfortable to hold as well. 


Pros Cons
  • The spinning reel features an anti-reverse mechanism which eliminates any back play.
  • The spinning reel has an anti-rust bearing, which makes the reel resistant to corrosion.
  • The balance and durability of the spinning reel are phenomenal.
  • Baitfeeder switches might be big for some people.
  • The spinning reel might be expensive compared to other spinning reels in the market.

2. Okuma Helios Spinning Reel

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The Okuma Helios Spinning Reel is excellent and what makes it extraordinary is that it is so lightweight and has 8 HPB and 1RB steel bearings. The reel weighs only 6.3 ounces which is phenomenal.

But that does not mean that the quality is compromised or less durable than any other spinning reel. Okuma Helios Spinning Reel is made by using carbon fiber technology. Graphite is also used in the reel, which makes it lightweight yet very durable.

The Okuma Helios Spinning Reel has a cyclonic rotor flow designed to increase the reel’s airflow so water does not get stuck in the reel. The reel is only the best choice for right-handed anglers. However, left-handed anglers might face issues handling it. The elliptical gearing system of the reel helps you cast smoothly and prevents friction.


Helix 7 Chirp has a transmit power of 500W and 4000W peak-to-peak. The screen will show you all the details you want and can be split using two different beams. The device is very lightweight and impact-resistant. It also has an option to insert micro SD cards to save maps or saving waypoints. The Helix 7 has proved to be the best of all.


Pros Cons
  • The spinning reel is very lightweight.
  • The spinning reel can be used in freshwater and saltwater.
  • The elliptical gearing system helps the casting to work smoothly.
  • The spinning reel is not suitable for left-handed anglers.
  • The spinning reel might not be able to handle big fishes.

3. Shimano Stradic Ci4+

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As we discussed earlier, Shimano is such a fantastic company, and anglers love their reels and other products. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ is another tremendous and good-quality spinning reel, and the price is just under your budget. 

There are many reasons why you should buy Shimano Stradic Ci4+. Let’s discuss a few of them. The most fantastic feature of Shimano Stradic Ci4+ is that the frame and handle are carbon infused. The spinning reel uses the latest technology and is designed to improve gear durability and eliminates friction.

The silky-smooth drag of Shimano Stradic Ci4+ makes it more mesmerizing. The spinning reel can drag weight up to 10 pounds without giving anglers a tough time. So this proves that Shimano Stradic Ci4+ is a perfect choice to catch medium to small fish. 


Pros Cons
  • The built-in balance rotor offers exceptional smoothness and casting capabilities.
  • The X-ship technology makes sure there is no friction produced.
  • The handle and frame of the spinning reel are carbon infused which makes it lightweight and durable.
  • The spinning reel is not suitable for big fishes.
  • The spinning reel might be expensive compared to other spinning reels in the market.

4. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

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Like Shimano, Abu Garcia has set up its reputation very well when it comes to fishing gears. The products are budget-friendly and of quality as well. Abu Garcia Revo Sx Spinning Reel is the living example if we talk about quality and durability. 

The Abu Garcia SX spinning reel comes in two different sizes ranging from 6 pounds to 8 pounds, meaning it is mainly the best choice for small to medium fishes. The SX spinning reel is lightweight and weighs only half a pound. 

The ultra-smooth Carbon Matrix drag system of Revo SX works tremendous and smoothly without any hassles. It also has an aluminum gear set, including a carbon insert modeled frame which makes it durable and unbreakable. 


Pros Cons
  • The spinning reel is lightweight and durable.
  • The spinning reel is an excellent choice for smaller fishes.
  • The drag system of the spinning reel is ultra-smooth and efficient.
  • Users face some issues while

    5. Pflueger Supreme XT

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    Pflueger Supreme XT is another fantastic and good-quality spinning reel that functions great and comes at such an excellent price. The Pflueger Supreme XT spinning reel is made of magnesium which makes it super durable. 

    The rotor and side plates are also made of magnesium, making them very lightweight. The Pflueger Supreme XT comes in five different designs and sizes. The drag system of other models starts from 8 pounds and ends at 14 pounds, so you have a wide variety to choose from. 

    The different sizes and drag weight means you have an option and can fish small to big fishes. Moreover, the EVA handle is super comfortable to hold. You will not get tired of holding it for hours, even if you have to. 


    Pros Cons
    • The spinning reel is extremely lightweight and comfortable to hold.
    • The spinning reel comes in five different models having different drag weights
    • The spinning reel is an excellent choice for saltwater and freshwater as well.
    • The braids get caught in casting line sometimes

    6.  Abu Garcia Zata Spinning Fishing Reel

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    By this time, you probably have realized that going for the Abu Garcia spinning reel must be a wise choice to make. If you still doubt Abu Garcia Revo SX, we are here with another fantastic Abu Garcia Zata Spinning Reel. 

    Abu Garcia Zata is built for both left and right-handed anglers. The spinning reel has ten stainless steel ball bearings which are rare at such a fantastic price. The stainless steel prevents the body from corrosion and rust. The frame has an aluminum coating which makes it very lightweight. 

    The maximum drag weight of Abu Garcia Zata Spinning Reel is about 13 pounds. The spinning reel is very durable. The braid capacity is 180/10. The Everlast bail system technology enhances the strength and durability of the Abu Garcia Zata spinning reel.


    Pros Cons
    • The spinning reel has ten stainless steel ball bearings
    • The aluminum frame makes the spinning reel very lightweight and durable
    • The rocket line management system will provide better control of all types of fishing lines.
    • The spinning reel does not have a reverse feature.

    7.Humminbird409950-1 Helix 9 SI 480×800 Sonar

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    You must be thinking, why another Humminbird product? Well, the brand produces such unique products that it would be unfair not to mention them. The Helix 9 SI is another excellent creation by Humminbird. The widescreen makes it easy and convenient for you to see underwater. There are additional buttons on the device as well.

    The device has two modes, which max mode and clear mode. The Helix 9 SI can handle all the bad weather conditions because it comes with the HD Radar and display system. The radar system and display system allows you to have excellent imaging even in bad weather or extreme sunlight.

    The device has a 2D mode, which allows you to have a range up to 1500 feet with lower frequency. The Helix 9 SI can also be upgraded. You can upgrade maps and other latest updates at your home as well. Overall, this fish finder is a fantastic choice.


    Pros Cons
    • HD display
    • Side imaging
    • Dual memory card options
    • High fish target accuracy
    • Easy to use
    • Known brand
    • Not enough loud sound
    • Expensive

    8.  Garmin Echomap Chirp 73SV transducer

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    The Garmin Echomap Chirp is another fantastic and one of the best fish finders on the market. The display of Echomap Chirp is 7-inch wide, and you can also split the screen to see different modes at one time again. The screen shows crystal clear imagings which makes it more convenient and easy to use.

    The Echomap Chirp has built-in chirp sonar capabilities. The 2D chirp can use dual frequencies with the angles of 24 degrees and 16 degrees. The device provides side imaging and down imaging as well. The Echomap Chirp 73SV also has a unique GPS. The internal receiver can save up to 5000 marks and 100 paths, which is an exceptional feature to utilize. To expand the memory of Echomap Chirp 73SV, you can also add a micro SD card to save more maps and details on the device. Some other additional features are added to the device as well.


    Pros Cons
    • 7-inch display
    • Easy to use
    • Excellent GPS
    • Down and side imaging
    • 2D chirp
    • Syncing issues

    9. Humminbird409990-1 Helix 10 SI 600×1024 Sonar

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    If you want a big screen fish finder, then you are at the right place. The Humminbird Helix 10 SI has a 10-inch widescreen. You can also split the screen and see different frequencies at the same time. The screen provides 360-degrees imaging within 300 feet of your boat.

    The device is wireless, and you will have a great fishing experience while using Humminbird Helix 10 SI fish finder. The device uses DualBeam Plus, side and down imaging. The depth range is about 1500 feet, while the side and down imaging range up to 100 feet.

    The device uses an HD radar system, giving you a warning before hitting something in the water. The device also has SwitchFire technology that allows you to change and adjust the imaging according to weather conditions.


    Pros Cons
    • Outstanding imaging
    • Widescreen
    • HD radar system
    • SwitchFire technology
    • Easy to use
    • Expensive10.  Garmin Striker 7sv with Transducer, 7″ GPS Fishfinder

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      The Garmin Striker never disappoints when it comes to providing such fantastic fish finders. The 7SV fish finder has a 7-inch widescreen. The screen can show 800×400 pixels, which offers users high-quality imaging. The device uses standard Garmin’s CHIRP sonar technology. The technology includes two types of sonar, which are Down imaging and other is side imaging. You will get accurate fish targeting with these sonar technologies. The down imaging is limited to 250 feet, but the side imaging has a range of up to 500 feet.

      The device works great even when you are moving in the water. But it will not work great if you are moving at high speed. The 7SV does not allow you to add a micro SD card, which is a drawback so that you can not save any maps or points on the device. But otherwise, it is a great fish finder for anglers.


      Pros Cons
      • The fish finder has a high-quality imaging system that provides excellent images.
      • The fish finder comes with a 7-inch display which makes it easy to view the images.
      • The fish finder has a good range and can detect fish at a distance.
      • The fish finder does not have mapping capabilities.


      Fishfinders are a beneficial creation for all the anglers out there. No matter if it’s seawater or saltwater, fish finders will always help you in your work. So make your life easier and go but one the best fish finder we suggested and enjoy fishing.