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Best Telescopic Fishing Rods in 2023 – Collapsible Rods - Beta Fishing

A telescopic fishing rod could be an excellent option if you are thinking to purchase a new rod besides your fishing pack. These collapsible fishing rods provide a level of variety in the region in which you can catch fishes most of the time.  A telescopic fishing rod can still be packaged in a small quantity, which ensures it can be shipped much better and takes up much less space in your fishing bag/storage facility. Manufacturing companies introduce these types of products every day. It’s a micro-piece rod hinge. Because once shipped, the joint will quickly break and widen while fishing. Also present in removable fishing rods are all the qualities that we see in regular rods.

Telescopic fishing rods are often much cheaper than a 2-piece or 3-piece reel, making them perfect for a replacement fishing rod or suitable for beginners. Below we will mention our favorite telescopic fishing rods and offer each one some advantages and disadvantages. We are making these articles so that folks like you that are involved in outdoor activities don’t spend a couple of hours poring performance characteristics and ratings to find the best items. Below we mention our top telescopic rods and offer few advantages and drawbacks. 

What is a Telescopic Fishing Rod: 

These are a special type of fishing rods that can be collapsed into itself giving the fisherman more space in their process. Ordinary fishing rods are really bulky and most of the time it is very difficult to carry them specially when you are travelling a lot. In simple terms these fishing rods can reduce their size to a fraction of their actual length.
So, manufacturers come up with the new design that can fit into any backpack, kayak storage compartment or any type of luggage you are carrying.


 Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Any Good? 

Yes, telescopic fishing rods are very good if you are traveling most of the time from one place to another but didn’t want to leave your fishing rod behind then this is the best option you can find. With a Telescopic rod, you can carry your rod easily anywhere with you because of the way it is made. You can fold your rod easily and can fit it in your travel bag or regular backpack. The main feature of telescopic fishing rods is their compatible size and build quality. 


Best Collapsible Fishing Rod & Reviews 

  You can find a lot of fishing rods in the market but choosing the best one is very difficult because most of them are not so good as they are said. Considering all the facts we have reviewed some of the best collapsible fishing rods for your ease.  Check the list below. 



1. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod:


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KastKing is a growing company made up of a group of learners. After having spent time in the field and fishing at Finger Lake those who agreed to launch an orienting organization which will provide the cost-conscious angler with inexpensive technology. They are manufacturers of innovations that directly sell to the buyers, claiming that the medium can save at least 30% of the consumer price by cutting the medium. In addition to the use of technological innovation, they love the outdoors and operate their company ethically.

The development of products and production practices that benefit the environment, such as biodegradable lines. An excellent example of their business ethos is the KastKing Blackhawk 2 telescopic fishing rod. The rod is made of 24-ton Toray carbon, a high-quality carbon matrix. This building delivers consistent and smooth performance across the rod and reduces dead spots. KastKing also uses more floating lines on this rod, which once again enhances the casting efficiency and also ensures the perfect taper and power supply when playing fish.

In building this high-quality roller and comfortable handles of EVA, KastKing used high-quality elements to guarantee quality conations and a safe-T hook keeper to attach the plates when the roll collapses. The KastKing Black Hawk 2 telescopic fishing rod is available in spinning and casting models and 14 different amounts and behavior are varying from quick and moderately healthy to high and medium power, making sure that you mix strength and duration in perfect harmony with your fishing objectives.

2. PLUSSINO Telescopic Rod:

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The PLUSINNO Telescopic Rod and Roller Combos is a very cheap and flexible starting package for beginners or people who consider fishing a leisure or family hobby. It gives good value for money and is constructed of solid materials. The accessories allow you to start fishing immediately and in different fishing environments. Plutino Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combination offer your wife, child, the parent or herself excellent present. This is an inexpensive starting package for only $59.99.

It includes lines, lures, hooks and bobbins to introduce you and your family to this engaging activity instantly. It is one of the finest fishing rods in its price range with a fantastic customer ranking of 4.9 out of 5 stars. The Plussino Telescopic Rod and Reel Combination is a good start fishing rod, easy to handle – whether you’re a man or a woman, a young child or a grandparent. It is also sufficiently powerful and flexible to capture a broad range of species. This kit contains a pin, a roller, hooks and a thread.

A good set of fishing suits and simple fishing equipment are also given. It is packed in a compact package with all the products and is easy to carry on fishing trips. The fishing rod is constructed of fiber glass-mixed high-density carbon fiber. This is a challenging and durable plastic that won’t crack or split when you’re attempting to bend in a large fish. The bobbin seats are designed to withstand corrosion and rust. The fishing rod has a thin but effective structure to accommodate big fish and the wear and tear of several fishing trips. This is a telescopic rod that can be split down to be held and placed easily. You can pick from it in various lengths. The smaller fishing rods are ideal for young children, while the more giant rods are safe for adolescents.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for Distinct Fishing surroundings
  • Blue LED backlight makes it effortless to read
  • 5 Distinct modes
  • Reaches a thickness of 328 feet
  • Displays bottom Shape in addition to fish areas
  • Reads in Yards can be a problem for consumers used to imperial dimensions

The rods of Sougayilang is 5.9 feet high, 6.9 feet long, 7.9 feet long, and 8.9 feet long. The distances collapsed varies from 18.5 to 27.6 centimeters. The roll is a YB3000 sequence and can capture up to around 10 pounds of freshwater fish and saltwater fish. The distilled fishing line and other essential tackle are included. The case is available and without its lower quality.

The rod is constructed of carbon fiber and fiberglass of high density. Guide rings are made of ceramic with aluminum oxide centers. The base grip of the rod is constructed of EVA that is used on some spinning rods of saltwater. This is a suitable system for freshwater or saltwater. The longer poles are particularly ideal for surf fishing.

Pros Cons
  • Sustainable production with carbon fiber
  • Provided in 3 varieties.
  • Ideal for fishing with saltwater and freshwater
  • Comes with bobbin, bags, and charms
  • You may want to buy your own buckets and lures that fit your fishing style better.
  • Some users report that collapse can be tougher than other brands

The Trout Boy black warrior rod blends performance and power. With its sturdy construction of high-density e-glass and 24-ton carbon fiber, it remains perfectly balanced and lightweight. The rod has a unique carbon fiber matrix, which gives it a high sensitivity – mainly when fished with freshwater with artificial lures or in the bass. On the other side, the reel seats are made of CNC machined aluminum which is resistant to corrosion to ensure that you catch for many years without worries.

The guides made of stainless steel and ceramic parts. You can also use braided or mono-fishing lines while being easily controlled and corrosion-resistant to saltwater. The rod’s design is shrinkable and lightweight so that you don’t have an issue when holding it. In reality, it is available in different sizes and lengths, so that you can fish in different habitats. The double-locking nuts and aluminum benches allow it sturdier.

Pros Cons
  • Offers an extra-long line of carbon fiber to hunt with saltwater
  • 14 ball bearings with double protection.
  • T6 spool twice anodized
  • Comes fit for braid.
  • Attach shaped safety (IM-C6)
  • Nice for landing large fish such as tuna or grouper
  • Subpar or average output ratios
  • Any fishermen assume that the rod is too stiff

Fish Oaky fishing ladder kit is specifically designed for novices along with the required fishing apparel. You do not need to find any other fishing equipment as long as you have one. The Fishing Rod has embraced Extremely Robust Strong high-density carbon fiber construction. Comfortable Telescopic Style Walking About. Ergonomic manages texture that allows fishing experience more enjoyable than other metal clasps.

The hanging bag is 42Cm long, sturdy & compact, Large sure For All Your Fishing Gear, you can loop it in your car when it’s time to go out. Fish Oaky spinning rod twisting rod rotating reel combination is overly thin, lightweight, and difficult to hold. Enables you to go to your favorite fishing place and enjoy fishing wherever you like. It is ideal for hunting for freshwater bass salmon, saltwater ocean, or beach fishing. A fun treats for children or adults who love fishing, you will enjoy walking, backpacking, and travel with relatives at weekends.

Pros Cons
  • Carbon Fiber Created
  • Leightenedness
  • Ideal for fisheries with saltwater and freshwater
  • 1 year warranty
  • Only the finest for a novice angler.
  • Not good enough for bigger fish species.

Eagle Claw Carry-It Portable Brace Rods have a stable fiberglass structure, which makes it ideal for backpacking, transport, or different use. The rods are four-piece models, excluding telescopic methods. When the telescopic versions break, they are only 17 inches long. When damaged, the 7′ 6″ spin/fly measures 24 cm, and when broken, the 6′ 6″ spinning variant measures 22 cm. Box-It Travel Case Rods are yellow with maroon packaging directions. The handles are made of EVA foam that provides durability and comfort. The handle on the spin/fly device transforms simply by taking it apart, cutting the end connector, and then tossing then reassembling it. Aggressive steps in a small package will render a dull, great experience.

Pros Cons
  • Fishing rod multi-functional
  • Ceramic guidance direction
  • Tackle EVA
  • Sustainable production of glass
  • Compact
  • Quick to transport


  • Only one hook per pack.

The typical convenient-to-use fishing combination with a telescopic fishing rod wherever is still handy. The Zebco 33 Telescopic Duo is a perfect reel rig for anglers at any stage and conveniently loads them into a trunk of a car or truck seatback for use with its innovative, collapsible build. It comes with durable stainless steel coverings, rugged all-metal wheels, flat ball-bear drive and dual pottery pick-up pins. Right / left adjustable rehabilitation. It is fitted with a pro-style split-grip EVA handle for a mighty 6′ medium-action telescopic E-glass chain. This at a price that encourages everybody to take part. Another icon from Zebco, the rod and roller combos 33 series are prepackaged with over 100 yards of the line — a tone to do that without a beat. You can also throw the line on this roll just like Zebco 202 because if you have a problematic healer, you could get to wherever the fish are seated all individuals have to do is hold their bait in location.

Pros Cons
  • Good quality Zebco graphite architecture promises longevity.
  • Medium-action rod allows much bigger catches
  • Pries inexpensive making it suitable for all budgets
  • Adjustable duration helps your child to develop in
  • The reel can be hard to use for smaller hands
  • Any kids may find the combination a little hard.

A reasonably telescopic fishing rod with an optimum balance between rigidity and durability. Excellent and stable communication is established by the plug-in configuration of the knee joints. The massive reinforced line rings are fitted with classic distances and fixed on solid legs with high-quality inserts which reduce friction and prevent the breakdown of a fishing line. The model features a durable reel seat in stainless steel, which does not cause the rod to rust when it comes to saltwater touch. The composite material of the rod is highly reliable, stable, and immune to through heaps.

Pros Cons
  • Strong and cool to the touch
  • Quality rings that retain line continuity
  • Class seat reel


  • Hard to use with small tackles


This rod has been well produced of 24 T Carbon Fiber with a roller-mounted stainless steel handle that is durable and resistant to corrosion. The ceramic ring lead ring made of inbox steel makes the energy consumption stronger. The strap of EVA is soft and easy to carry. It is more effective and convenient to fish with an executive chairman. The telescopic fishing rod is super-light which telescopic, and can work in a glove compartment, hatch or pocket with ease.

It quickly collapses. When stretching the stick, just take out every section really hard to secure it. I combined it with a loop, and with my buy, I couldn’t be happier. This equipment really shows the importance for which I purchased it. We walked in the mountains and I needed a pole that could be conveniently filled with a roll in a bag. It slips into my bag to take me on the plane. After several tests, the guide can only slip off its respective pole section ends. All in all, a successful investment. This adjustable telescopic fishing pole very loved.

Pros Cons
  • Indent for freshwater and saltwater
  • Suitable for beach, marine, and boat fishing
  • Excellent for passengers, since it is super compact and lightweight
  • The complete package helps you to start immediately
  • Feels fairly good in a wide price range compared with others

Telescopic Fishing Rod Buying Guide:

We tried to find the right telescopic fishing rod above and there are a broad selection of choices. Very muddled? Do you want to see more choices for fishing rod? Here are our views on the bass string.   Even so, before you agree, it is important that you consider what you would search for so that your rod fits perfectly. Here are the factors you must remember to help you make the most of our telescopic rod reviews



The material from which your pole is produced is critical because it can have a huge effect on how your rod functions and behaves. The required materials should be rust-resistant, shockproof, and robust while maintaining adequate durability to hold black under heat. The majority of telescopic rods are crafted from graphite or fiberglass blends, which allow the maker to make the best possible use of the best elements and main features of both products.


The optimal duration is not usable. All depends on your decision. The longer the pin, the more it casts and vice versa. Small rods are excellent at fighting large fish since they move less. Long rods, on the opposite, allow you to fish at great depths and very deep, enabling you to get tall, profound fish. The duration of the rod usually ranges from 6 to 12 feet. If you are a seasoned fisherman, you know how long you need the reel. I assume that a 7-foot rod will be the best alternative if you are a novice.


Want to travel long distances? Then a longer handle is required. A narrower shaft with shorter lengths. The more you move the pin, the larger the set. The long handle that you can obtain with both hands then helps you to create a better frame, which implies a more distant position. Also essential is the ease of carrying the pipe. It should not rub your palms on the calluses and slide damp or muddy fish out of your mouth. I like EVA handles particularly, but not all rods have them. The cork tree or non-slip rubber is an ideal replacement for EVA.


These rods are not too durable to accommodate extreme random fishing. If you see rods made for hard fishing, but even you can’t carry them when you are on a camp or on a trip. Telescoping rods are not suitable for catching huge trout. And they are the only alternative you want to carry on a fishing trip in your backpack. The quality of telescopic materials is easier to verify. Now you will taste fishing pleasure.


We still set a target on everything we intend to buy. The same is true for you too! You may still have a fund to purchase fishing equipment. If you have a decent budget, you should certainly invest in a labeled telescopic rod of a high standard. So what are you supposed to do if you don’t have a decent budget? In this word, all the critical factors you need can be maintained. And try purchasing one that is worthy of meeting all your needs. We hope that this telescopic rod will assist you to get the perfect line.

Final Thoughts:

Every rod we have tested is ideal for those seeking a collapsible fishing pole. Both rods have decent length, sturdy handles and compact capacity. Nevertheless, if you are a novice, pay attention and try to understand the above ones. Each characteristic of a telescopic rod has a feature you should recognize. These models that we analyzed are the top of the industry. And because the collection is very flexible, beginners, as well as seasoned, anglers will find an appropriate line. We hope you will enjoy reading our 2020 best telescopic rod guidance.