Humminbird is a unique and well-reputed brand for its wide variety of fish finders that satisfy different user requirements and demands. Currently, we’ll be reviewing one of the compacts yet skyrocketing in-demand products that is Humminbird Helix 5, and will try to figure out why it’s surprisingly so unique and advanced with its features.

It is believed that it somehow doesn’t operate with as much power as some more prominent models. Still, it has some salient features to be discussed below. It has few models available with unique features, so we will be pending down essential aspects of the operation and cover different models. Hence, you are somewhat well aware of what you are buying.
Display and Resolution

As indicated by regular fish locator naming shows, any number in the item’s name means the screen size, which applies here with Humminbird. The Helix 5 highlights a 5-inch display that puts it among their littlest things. While the vast majority favor a 7-inch or 9-inch model, this little structure factor is actually why kayakers and small boat proprietors love this item. You can crush it into restricted spaces.

You may imagine that this little screen needs clearness, yet it’s made to be extra wide and has a goal of 480×800 pixels, which is, in reality, excellent for a showcase of this size. The 256-shading show is very dynamic, making it simple to recognize tones and shapes so you can discover great fishing spots. It’s additionally illuminated, so you can see the screen paying little heed to lighting conditions. The screen is small; however, it sneaks up suddenly as far as dynamic quality and goal.

Side Imaging

This Helix 5 is well known for introducing side imaging at a budget of $500. The technology is now cast at a much lower price, making way for other options as well, but most people appreciate that Helix 5 still does the job entirely as compared to others.

This model provides you with excellent 180-degree imaging all around your boat as it gives a side imaging of 480 feet and a depth of 100 feet. This is achieved with the help of sonar pulsing executed at 455kHz on either end. Side imagining doesn’t portray the clearest of the images, but it helps inform you if there might be any fish present around the boat to be looked forward to.


Down Imaging

It is technically an advantage to have the facility of seeing what’s right under your boat, and that too with utmost clarity is thought to be a huge advantage when you are looking for fish. It provides you the best angle fish eye’s view of the water by making you see entirely what’s down there.

Correctly describing most Helix 5 models are equipped with the down imaging technology, allowing you to get the advantage of high-resolution images that majorly other imaging types can compete even. It’s perfect for the situation if you are in a surge of what’s right under your boat.

SwitchFire Sonar

One of the most frequent features that come with majorly all Humminbird models is their SwitchFire sonar. It operates on two different modes as part of its settings to efficiently customize the sonar image. Clear mode, well obvious from its name, gives you better images to differentiate between fish and other smaller objects down there. Max mode, on the contrary, works super faster and is handy for finding out larger objects.

Added to this, it too offers another benefit with its color-coding system. Depending upon the distance between the object and the vessel, objects are color-coded in such away. Orange items are said to be significantly closer, while the blue items are believed to be far-away. Further, if you object to this color composition, you can set colors as per your preferences.

CHIRP and DualBeam Sonar

With the information gathered, it is concluded that most of the Helix 5 models are equipped with technologies such as CHIRP imaging and DualBeam sonar. Certain aspects make them unique about their characteristics though they both operate differently. With the help of sonar technology, CHIRP imaging sends several waves at the same time, and the best possible image gets returned to you. This helps to improve clarity and to differentiate between objects.

DualBeam also uses a sonar imaging method that helps you to create a balance between distance and clarity. A narrow beam would let you give a more precise image, but short distance coverage or the wide beam is used for more extended distance coverage but will put clarity at stake. Both will prove so handy to give you efficient images and the best fishing spots.


SmartStrike is referred to as the best feature of the Helix 5. It helps to locate different fish types in particular fishing environments and areas based on various factors. The Helix 5 works with the help of GPS as GPS collects this data and executes it in a way that helps to find fishing spots for specific kinds of fisheries. As it’s so obvious with the name. It is a smart technique that allows the fisherman best find the place where their desired fish type would be found based on the fed-in data like the season, waterbody, current weather conditions, and type of fish you are looking for.

Though it is modern technology, you need to have enough knowledge to be put in for effective results to help you find your prey. Yes, learning how to use this tool is no more hustle, and it’s not time demanding as well.

1.  GPS Capabilities

Internal GPS installation in the latest Helix models is something that would leave you in awe. Contradictory to the Helix models’ compact size, GPS offers you a wide range of 2500 waypoints, covering 45 routes. These models are all in one package as they provide you with premade maps to help your way and give you an option of customizing your maps for desired locations. Moreover, there is still a variety in GIS maps’ diverse options to choose from, like bottom hardness, satellite imaging, etc., for nearby navigation.


Pros Cons
  • Split Screen Zoom to get better imaging and clarity
  • Selective Fish ID+
  • It has a down imaging feature to help locate objects right under your boat.
  • Price is a little on the higher side
  • Only two cons listed