Suppose you are looking for the best budget-oriented and quite user-friendly high-end fish finder, so you are there. The Lowrance Elite 5 HDI is a multipurpose fish finder that can be taken into command by experienced and non-experienced fish locators.
This is an all-rounder fish locater that we prescribe to everybody since its widely appealing list of capabilities claims to a wide crowd. With numerous amazements like the HDI and Navionics ability, this unit snares all its incentive for cash.


The Lowrance Elite 5 HDI fish finder’s major sale principle is its unique and worth recommending features that provide ease and comfort for its user. Previously, you would have seen SONAR- specific and Mapping- specific units tagged as Elite 5. But here is a review of Elite 5 HDI that covers both aspects perfectly.

Traditional SONAR:

If you are looking for lucidity and profundity without being ready to give up on either, the dual-frequency cones will help fulfill your requirement as this fish finder has an inbuilt dual-frequency inbuilt 2D SONAR.  Given the model you pick, you can have either 50/200 kHz or 83/200 kHz SONAR. The 50/200 kHz model is best for profound water fishing. This pillar likewise has more keen and more profound infiltration into saltwater.

The 83/200 kHz model is best for shallow waters or freshwater. This offers a bigger number of subtleties than the 50/200 kHz pillar. The greatest force that it puts out into the water is 250W RMS. That is a lot for spotting fish without burdening the boat’s stock excessively.

DownScan Imaging:

The Down Scanning is more characteristic than the conventional SONAR, yet it’s less expensive than Side imaging. DownScan gives you a legitimate perspective on the submerged constructions and the lower part of the water body.
The Lowrance Elite 5 HDI fish locater brings you 455/800 kHz double recurrence down imaging. These two beams guarantee that DownScan filters a more extensive region (contrasted with single-recurrence down imaging) and gathers more insights regarding the submerged life.


The Elite 5 HDI introduces you to a new world of technology, namely Hybrid Dual Imaging, where you can split the screen into two portions that simultaneously present both traditional and DownScan SONAR images. This gives an edge to the user by exploiting the advantages of both at the same time.

DownScan Overlay:

DownScan is best used to recognize structures like bulks of fish, while traditional SONAR is better at keeping an eye on singular fishes. With this specific component, you can overlay the DownScan on 2D pictures to see each lowered item and the single suspended curves that might be fish.
It is to be reminded off that this is certainly not split-screen usefulness like the HDI. Here all the subtleties are on a similar screen, permitting you to effortlessly spot where the fish are concealing utilizing the features of the two sorts of checking to happen together.


As this Lowrance fishfinder can handle all the imaging effectively, there arises a question: how far can it range? Under perfect working conditions, you can scan up to:
· 300 feet with DownScan at 455/800 kHz
· 1000 feet with 2D SONAR 83/200 kHz
· 2500 feet with 2D SONAR 50/200 kHz

GPS and Mapping:

The Elite 5 HDI fish locator has an inner 16 channel GPS antenna with WAAS+EGNOS+MSAS exactness for the route. The unit is likewise equipped for utilizing an outside receiving wire. These essential GPS maps cover, in any event, 3000 US lakes and 1000+ seaside territories.

All the Gold adaptations of this fish locater have Navionics maps for the route, which are accurate, providing us with complete adequate details. You can likewise grow the planning through the SD card space. This unit is additionally fit for facilitating Insight Genesis. It’s a paid membership, yet it permits you to follow the SONAR information of a spot and convert it to modified guides effectively using the Lowrance programming.

Waypoint Mapping:

The Lowrance Elite 5 HDI fish locater’s in-constructed memory can stockpile to 3000 waypoints on the ways you are voyaging. These can help mark places where you found the fish gnawing or places to keep away from.
You can likewise utilize the TrackBack highlight to return to past SONAR pictures and imprint waypoints on them. You can set aside 100 courses and 100 retraceable plot trails.


With the Elite 5 HDI, you can part the screen into three boards for viewing maps, 2D SONAR and DownScan. How the screen is separated can get somewhat confined for a square screen. Other preset Views offer a decision of how screens are part, e.g., SONAR/GPS, Frequency1/Frequency2, and so on.


Features like Depth and Shallow Alarms, GPS Alarms, and temperature sensors are also considered certain salient features of this Lowrance fishfinder. The Sonar tuning based on the record is adjusted automatically by its Advanced Signal Processing, making it an automatic device to capitalize on.

Design of Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Fish Finder


The Elite 5 HDI fish locator is thought to be a little closely packed, but it isn’t confined to space. Most of the left side is covered up by a 5-inch screen. We enjoyed the square construction of it when utilizing the HDI show. This is a Full VGA SolarMax Plus shading screen with 256 tones shown. It has a goal of 480×480, which is adequately high for this screen size. As an added supplement, the illuminated screen permits you to see the designs even in the most splendid daylight of Florida.


As it is well understood that it is not a touch screen device, so the buttons are placed on the device’s right-hand side. The buttons are placed in a way, keeping in mind the most commonly performed tasks.
It comes with a multidirectional pad that has a select key in the center. Menu and Enter buttons are discrete. With all the keys on one side, it very well may be worked with a solitary hand if the need emerges.


The Lowrance Elite 5 HDI fish locator accompanies both transom and savaging mounts. Connector units are additionally included. There is just a single transducer for all the frequencies, so the installation process is perfect and straightforward. The fish locater itself needs just a little level region to rest.


The fish locator estimates 6.9 inches in width, 5.4 inches in height, and 2.5 inches top to bottom. It is IPX7-appraised waterproof. It has one SD card space and an NMEA 0183 network. The plan makes it simple to shift or turn the gadget. The fish locator finds a way into similar patterns as the more established 5-inch models from Lowrance.

Social Proof of Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Fish Finder

The Lowrance Elite 5 HDI fish locator has a huge fan base that has now found the more current and comparative Hook 5. The 5 HDI is promoted as the unit that is quite cool for sporting fishers and one that fills all the expert anglers’ needs. Being a Lowrance item, it is quite solid. The output on the actual item is positive given all the highlights work genuinely straightforward. It is an incredible fish locator both as far as introduction and simplicity of activity.
We do hear that its activity manual ought to have been a little complex, and we concur. A fish locator with such different highlights ought to be appropriately upheld by a comprehensive user guide.

Tips When Using Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Fish Finder :

Here are a couple of ace tips from experienced Lowrance Elite 5 HDI fish locater clients:

  • Ensure that you are utilizing DownScan and Traditional SONAR in their right particular frequencies to get clear pictures. The DownScan works at 455/800 kHz and the 2D SONAR at one of the other 50/200 kHz or 83/200 kHz.
  • DownScan Overlay will couple the traditional SONAR and DownScan, so turn off the overlay if you want to see both separately in HDI mode.
    You can pick shading palettes for review of the SONAR pictures. Because of which turns out best for your eyes, you can pick the palette and improve the picture.
  • On the off chance that you intend to utilize this fish locator on a kayak, you can mount the transducer inside the frame on a level zone utilizing a legitimate cement-like silicone. Get Insight Genesis if the guide of your zone isn’t accessible on the in-assembled maps.
    You can check the zone and make your SONAR map with it.


Pros Cons
  • Traditional SONAR and DownScan Imaging
  • HDI and Image overlay
  • GPS and Navionics
  • Single transducer for all frequencies
  • Insight Genesis capable
  • 5-inch color display · IPx7 waterproof
  • Pricing is obsolete contrasted with Hook 5
  • The cons list is limited to only one item
  • Some users may find the 5-inch display too small


To put it in a nutshell, we have always tried to bring about products that serve well for the amount paid. So, we look for a product that well satisfies its budgeted price. The Lowrance Elite 5 HDI fishfinder was able to get our attention as it covered all the aspects that the user demanded while going fishing. Lowrance has features that help the user to get accurate results even underwater with DownScan, Traditional SONAR, and their partnership.