The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI is set to replace all outdated 2D SONAR scan as it operates with 3D Scan only. It is added with a down imaging modern technology that will give more precise imaging of what’s underwater. If you are looking to ace your fishing areas by well-dominating regions with a higher ratio of fisheries, then this is the best suitable choice to make your day. The user interface and the eye-catching display are worth the price. And yes, it too supports the limited budget, so it complies for kayaks and small boats.

Design of Lowrance Hook 3x DSI

The Hook 3x DSI fish locator is convenient and dainty for the screen size. A screen covers most of the interface on top. The button controls are underneath the screen. The body is extreme and up for some unpleasant and hard use. Yet, Lowrance is always known to make their masterpieces in this way.

It is IPX7-evaluated waterproof. This implies it can stay beneath a depth of 1m water for up to 30 mins.

The presentation of this Lowrance fish locator estimates 3.5 inches from corner to corner. This is the best suitable spot for minimal fish locators. The screen is a 256-shading TFT screen component that can show tones strikingly.

The screen resolution runs 320×240, which is adequately high for the screen size. It is effectively noticeable from any point. It is upheld by LED backdrop illuminations that can be set through 11 unique levels. The backdrop illumination can be worked through the force button.

The catches of the Lowrance Hook 3x DSI fish locater are instinctive. They have a multi-directional cushion under the screens. These are flanked by Zoom catches on one side and force and page buttons on the opposite side. There are Menu and Enter catches underneath these.

The Pages can be utilized to flip between the two recurrence decisions for down imaging.

The Hook 3x DSI fish locator presents to zoom 4x. This can be handily changed utilizing the Zoom plus and minus push buttons.

The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI fish locator packs a DSI Skimmer transducer. This transducer is essential for the 000-12636-001 model. It accompanies a transom mount.
This is equipped for down imaging at two unique recurrences; however, not all the while. It accompanies a 20-feet in length link.

The Hook 3x DSI offers only 3D scanning with down imaging. You can choose between two frequencies for scanning: 455kHz and 800kHz.
The scanning beam of 455kHz is more extensive and covers more territory evenly and vertically. In any case, it offers fewer subtleties than the 800 more engaged kHz shaft.

The 800 kHz beam is best utilized in shallow water to improve clarity than the 455 kHz bar. You can use the Pages catch to switch between frequencies effortlessly.

Down Imaging:
The down imaging itself looks exceptionally satisfying contrasted with the reckless shades of the traditional SONAR. It has a solitary tone show that encourages you to distinguish the articles that would make some way or another look like masses of shading.

For a fledgling fisher, downscan imaging is a lot simpler to fathom than the conventional SONAR. The 2D SONAR shows fishes as curves, while the down imaging shows them as small dotting patterns. It may get somewhat hard to separate single fishes from SONAR inconsistencies in down imaging. Be that as it may, if there are schools of fishes or various things clubbed together, DownScan offers a more settled picture.

With down imaging, the Hook 3x DSI fish locator can go from a most extreme profundity of 300 feet. What’s more, it’s best utilized in freshwater. You can likewise use it in shallow saltwater bodies.

You can utilize it as the vessel accelerates to 55 mph. In any case, for best execution, the speed ought to be between 1-6 mph.

The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI fish locator doesn’t have numerous additional items. It has a temperature sensor, which can give you temperature readings at high velocities as well. You can likewise quantify the profundity of the water with this gadget.

1.  Tips when using Lowrance Hook 3x DSI fish finder

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The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI is a relatively uncomplicated device. Here is some advice to get the best possible outcomes from it:

The superior boat speed for utilizing the down-imaging capacity of this fish locator is 1-6 mph.
Press the Pages button with two sheet images to switch between the frequencies. The 455 kHz shaft has greater penetration power.
Down Scan shows what’s under your boat. You have to examine on your own which side of the vessel the construction is on.
Zoom into the view utilizing the Zoom catches for a superior thought of the bunch you might be seeing on the screen.



Pros Cons
  • Down Imaging
  • A decision among high and low recurrence
  • Tough form
  • Features like GPS are missing.
  • Not mentioned


The Lowrance Hook, 3x DSI, is a down-imaging fish locator that gives an unmistakable and point-by-point structure examination. The individuals who need practically photographic SONAR pictures will discover this imaging very valuable. It’s a rigid unit that is natural to work. The cost is very appealing, as well.

The temperature sensor is a pleasant expansion because you need to check the water surface temperature. The transducer is of high caliber. The Quick Release Bracket mount permits simple movement when required.