Top Trolling Motor Battery Reviews in 2023 – Buying Guide 


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If you want to enjoy your fishing expedition, you will need to equip your boat with a trolling engine. You do not have to use your paddle to move around the water, as this is energy and time-consuming. And it is important that you have the best trolling motor battery for your engine. Equipping your boat engine with the best trolling batteries will ensure that you have a comfortable ride while fishing. It will also ensure the durability of your boarding engine as it gives you the power to drive deep with deep cycle Trolling Motor.


With an adequate battery, you can power your boat to a considerable distance and you can venture into the various environments you will find difficult without a motor. Also, getting the right batteries will also ensure that you have less time worrying about stuff like maintenance and you can run your boat cleaner and efficient. You do not have to pick any batteries and run them on your motor, because these batteries have some features that will help you get the best of your boat motor. Also, getting the right battery can also determine how well you can enjoy your fishing expedition as you will spend less time fixing up the battery or running maintenance.

This article will guide you with an adequate deep cycle cheap trolling motor battery reviews. This reviews will not only highlight some of the best trolling motor batteries but what you will look for in buying the best battery for your trolling motor. Getting the right battery will also help you to determine how long and how far you will have to go into the water and the power needed to drag your boat to the water. There are various batteries with different features and knowing these features will help you determine which one you will choose and how you can use them for what you intend to use them in your fishing expedition.

Top 7 Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Battery Guide 2023 – Reviews & Comparison Chart

Before you go ahead and check out those lightweight trolling batteries, you should first check out the trolling motor battery reviews. This will give insight from those who have used these products, and you can get to know about the pros and cons of these products. Remember that these reviews are from real people who have made use of these products, so they will give you a firsthand experience of using the products. You will get to know more from these reviews, and you can ask questions which you will get a reply back especially with popular reviews platforms. So check what other said about your choice of batteries for your motor before you purchase them.

Battery Model Voltage Ampere
Optima Batteries D34 (Professional Choice) 12 V  55 AH Check Price
Universal Battery UPG UB12350 12 V  35 AH Check Price
Might Max Battery (DEEP CYCLE ) 12 V  35 AH Check Price
ExpertPower EXP12180-2 12 V  18 AH Check Price
VMAXTANKS VMAX857 12 V  35 AH Check Price
UNIVERSAL UB121000-45978 12 V  100 AH Check Price
Expert Power 12-Volt 33-Ah 12 V  33 AH Check Price

1.Optima Batteries D34M – Deep Cycle Marine Battery


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The Optima battery is the battery you will need to provide ultimate power for your trolling motor. Optimum prides themselves on the use of advanced technology to produce the ultimate battery. It gave you a smooth performance and encased in a plastic container for adequate vibration resistance. The optimal battery is efficient, and you do not have to worry about your battery when you use this battery. It recharges very fast and gives out power effectively to last for a long time and keep your motor running.

The Optima battery is vibration free, and it can be placed in any position, and it will work perfectly. The manufacturer of this Optima battery made use of spiral cell technology which is made up of over hundred lead cells. And this ensures the battery has enough strength and efficiency in its operation. You can find the optimal battery in three colors, the yellow top battery, the red top battery and the blue top battery.

The red top battery provides starting power for the engine while the yellow top battery is used for carrying out heavier duty capacity. The blue top battery is a dual purpose battery for starting the motor engine and provides steady electric current to run the motor. The blue top dual battery made with spiral cell technology is suitable for deep cycle Trolling Motor and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The optimal battery is light in weight and can be installed easily, suitable for running the motor on your boat and your RV. It has received lots of positive reviews from trolling motor battery reviews even though the price is a little on the high side.

Pros Cons
  • It’s low maintenance
  • It feels lightweight
  • It’s a dual-purpose battery with starting and deep cycle capabilities
  • It can last for up to 11 hours with heavy use
  • Without Right Charger you might end up overcharging.

2.Universal Battery UPG UB12350 – 2 Pack (Universal Power Group)


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When it comes to the replaceable battery, this is the best option for you, and you can get sealed lead acid, lithium, NiMH batteries for replacement at an affordable price. The batteries are readily affordable and light in weight which makes suitable electric batteries for kayaks. The battery comes with 12v and 35A and can power a motor for a considerable period. This battery can serve a various purpose, and you can be used it in sets to provide more power.

If you are on a budget, this is one of the best choices you can find in the market to power your motor as you go fishing. When you read about this product on trolling motor battery reviews, they have been some complaints about the durability of the battery. There are some issues raised about the battery inability to charge after awhile as the major issue. But with maintenance and care, you can use this battery for a long time. The batteries are light, and you can use them for several other purposes, and one other main advantage is that it charges fast. It takes a little time for the battery to be fully charged and ready to use and the charge can last for a considerable period. So if you need a battery that will be ready to go for the fastest time, then this is your best choice. I am doubtful if it will have enough power for deep cycling, but it is a good battery regardless to carry out some minor operation.

Pros Cons
  • Absorptive Glass Mat technology.
  • Great value for money
  • Get 2 Batteries for a single price
  • You can cycle these numerous times
  • Manufactured by a reputable company.
  • They don’t last long.
  • They require recharging more frequently



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The Might Max Battery is one of the best Trolling motor batteries you can find at such a low price. This is the best affordable battery for the motor in the market that will provide you with the power you desire to run your motorboat while fishing. It is 12v 35A powered and can run your motorboat for a long time. It is manufactured with the best AGM technology, and it is safe to use in an enclosed or indoor environment for it is guarded against leakage.

The perfect deep cycle trolling motor is serving a dual purpose, to start your engine and run your engine for a long period. The Mighty Max battery can be easily recharged and will produce electricity for a long period. The sealed lead acid SLA battery is maintenance free, and you do not have to worry much about your battery. Your main concern is to recharge it and mount it for use. It is very easy to install, and you can mount it in any position and used effectively. It is well designed and manufactured that the vibration of the battery is greatly reduced. And this gives you an enjoyable ride when you go fishing.

The Mighty Max battery is very light, and you can use it for various purposes to power other electrical devices. It is the perfect electric battery for kayaks, and you can mount it in any position on your kayak and use effectively. I will recommend the mighty max battery for its dual purpose as one of the best Trolling motor batteries. You do not have to worry about maintenance; you can easily carry it about as it is light in weight and it provides enough power for your motor battery to run on.

Pros Cons
  • You can spend 2 hours on the water with the small boat and it may still have more than half of its power.
  • It is light Weight which helps it in small boats.
  • It’s easy to install at any angle as it is spill-proof
  • It takes a long time to charge.

4. ExpertPower EXP12180 – Rechargeable SLA Battery


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The expert Power battery provides you with an adequate constant power supply, and this sealed lead battery is made up of the best materials. It is one of the best trolling motor batteries providing you with ease of use while giving you the best performance for your money. The ExpertPower battery is one of the most popular motor tolling batteries, and it has one of the highest reviews on the trolling motor battery reviews. It has a battery type of 2x 12 volt 18 Amp 20 hour sealed lead acid battery, and it provides the convenience of use. The ExpertPower battery is maintenance free, so you do not have to worry too much about keeping your battery in good condition. Just have to set it up and put it to use with its valve that is regulated and thus proving more convenience for your use.

It is AGM technology battery and made up of absorbed glass which ensures safety when it is put into use and can be used on varying temperature range. Its unique features and power enable it can be used for deep cycle trolling motor, and you can use it in the cold as well as humid temperature conditions. In addition to its ease of use, it is also easy to install this motor battery, and you do not need to have any experience in such a mechanical task. It is a durable battery and you can use it in rugged conditions and can stand the test of time in harsh conditions. It is one of the best batteries for the motor you can find below $100, and it is worth the money. It is very powerful and has the strength to pull a boat full of loads. As we mentioned earlier, it has one of the highest numbers of reviews on the internet, and they are lots of positive reviews from those who have used this battery. I will recommend this battery for anyone because you can use it on any weather condition without worry about it being damaged.

It is made up of durable materials, and you will not have to worry about getting a new one for a long time. Although, they have been some issues as reported online by people who have used this product about charging it after a while. It seems to have a charging problem after some time of using it, and this has been one of the few negative reviews that have been reported about the ExpertPower Battery.

Pros Cons
  • Most trusted and Highest Reviewed Battery
  • It is can be mounted in any position.
  • High Discharge Rate with Deep Discharge Recover
  • Holds charge for extended periods
  • No recommended charger

5. VMAX857 AGM Battery – Marine Deep Cycle High Performance 


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The VMAX is a unique battery for deep cycle trolling motor, and it is built very different from other kinds of batteries set up. It is designed to be strong, durable and provide the highest performance you can expect from any battery. It is made up of absorbed glass MATT (AGM technology) which makes it different from the wet lead battery and gives it the edge in terms of physical and electrical advantages. One thing I love with the VMAX battery is its resistance to shock and vibration. You can use the VMAX battery on your motor, and you will not be dazed with the vibration and noise of the engine, and that is another level of comfort you get using this battery.

The VMAX battery is very safe to use, and environmentally friendly as the electrolytes are completely encased in the AGM and makes it non-spillable and non-hazardous. The plates are tightly packed and are completely sealed off with a tough tank which adds to its safety features. With the VMAX, you do not have to bother about changing the electrolyte and carrying out any maintenance on the battery. You just have to focus on installing your battery on your motor and hit the water to enjoy your fishing expedition. One reviewer did point out how he was able to recharge a VMAX battery that was completely dead and thought to be of no more use. It has fast recovery ability when it runs down, and with this, it shows that you will not likely face a charging problem in time with this battery.

When it has completely run down, you can recharge it and recover its strength and power quickly and get it into use as quickly as possible. One positive review it had received is that you can easily install it, especially on light canoes or kayak. It is one of the best electric batteries for a kayak as it is light in weight and can be mounted properly on these kayaks or canoes. It cost just above $100, and it is one of the best Trolling motor batteries for the money, giving you quality for money well spent. You can store it or use it indoors for it is perfectly encased to prevent leakage or spill proof chemicals. It has great features that make it stand out from ordinary batteries, providing adequate power to crank up your motor engine and also keeps it running.

Pros Cons
  • It’s very lightweight
  • It’s very durable
  • You don’t need to do any maintenance for it
  • It is the Spill-Proof.
  • It cost a bit more than other brands
  • You’ll need  VMAX BC1204 12V 3.3Amp charger for better and fast charging.

6. Universal UB121000-45978 – Deep Cycle AGM Battery 


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A powerful battery is suitable for deep cycle Trolling Motor with 12V 100AH which gives enough force and power for a longer period. This Universal battery is a sealed lead acid battery that is uniquely designed to prevent leakage of the chemical. This makes it very safe for all kind of uses including indoor and outdoor uses. It builds perfectly with an AGM technology to give it that high performance demanded from a deep cycle Trolling Motor. The battery is made up of durable materials that are perfectly encased and placed to prevent vibration and reduce noise. So it runs smoothly on the water and ensures a nice and smooth movement in the water. You do not have to worry about Che king on the level of chemicals or rim any kind of maintenance needed as it is maintenance free. You will just have to enjoy your time with these batteries on your boat. It was also designed to be environmentally friendly as it is spill free so you can use it confidently in any kind of environment. It is used mainly in sets of home solar appliances and other outdoor activities because of its capacity. It can be run for a long time providing a steady supply of current. So you do not have to worry about your motor engine being out of service in the middle of the water body as their engines had lost it.

The best batteries for trolling motor are not as cheap as you might otherwise be expected, this particular the one being stated is above $100. But it provides the best quality service for its money, and it gives you fewer problems when installing and making use of them in the motor running. You can fix the Universal battery anywhere on your boat, and it will work perfectly. It provides the same efficiency when placed on the boat in any direction giving its utmost best. The battery is designed to prevent shock and reduce the effect of vibration.

This universal battery boasts many great features that afford it nice reviews from people who have made use of it. Although, we have some negative comments that draw attention to the durability of the battery. Most of the negative comments were based on the cells of the batteries, as they were not able to be charged. As the cells of the battery run completely bad after some few hours of using them. But regardless of the above shortcoming, it provides you with adequate power that you can use for a long time. You can run the boat with this powerful battery for a long time and can even power other devices and will still have enough power for a long time. So it still vexing regarded as amongst the best trolling motor batteries for its efficiency and providing adequate power for a longer period.

Pros Cons
  •  Reliable deep cycle battery for a long term.
  • Delivers enough power to efficiently run a small or mid-sized trolling motor.
  • Use of AGM technology.
  • Cannot be used to start outboard motors.
  • You need a separate starting battery for use with your boat.

7.ExpertPower 12v – Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery


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This is another unique battery made by a reputable company as they have manufactured one of the best rechargeable Lead Battery. They are designed for optimal performance with the best and quality materials used to ensure the durability of the battery. This Expert Power battery is made up of resistance plastic material that ensures that it is resistant to heat, harsh weather conditions and shock and vibration. These great features enable the battery to be durable and will stand the test of time providing the best service. The Expert Power is just only build to look nice and provide high performance, but it is also build to be durable.

An Absorbent Glass Matt technology that ensures that there is no spill of the chemical element used in the makeup of the battery. As the acid is completely absorbed between the plates and along with its valve regulated spill proof construction, ensure that you are completely safe in using this battery in any environment. The battery is manufactured by a reputable firm which ensures trust in the use of their products as they had stood the test of time in manufacturing the best products and services. You can use this battery in various weather conditions as it can stand various range of temperature. And it has become one of the popular battery types because it can be used in any environment. You can use it on deep water as well as shallow water environment. In temperate or cold regions as it can withstand any kind of weather condition. You will find that this battery is very easy to install with its one-time installation guide and you are good to go, fixing it in any position.

When it comes to maintenance, you do not have to worry yourself as there is no need to run maintenance on this battery. It is a valve regulated battery, so you do not expect it to spill its contents making it an environmentally friendly battery, and you will not have to leave your boat all messed up with oil and chemicals. It is very light in weight, weighing just over 20 pounds which makes it suitable for electric batteries for kayak and other small canoes. You should have to mount it on your kayak, and you are good to cruise the waterway as you go on your fishing expedition.

If you want to go deep cycle and you intend on fishing for a long time, then this battery is made for you, as it will provide you with longer time of power. Most reviewers have been happy with the longer amount of time this battery can power their motor engine as they go fishing for a long time with it. A reviewer even recommended getting an extra battery to increase its time on the water and will have no more worry about running out of juice for a longer time. You will not find a much negative comment on this product, and this is what makes it one of the best trolling motor batteries for your boat and kayaks.

Pros Cons
  • Both Sealed AGM Type
  • Resistance to Heat, Vibrations, Shock
  • Light in Weight
  • There is nothing bad about it.



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This Min Kota  Power Center is designed for small boats or kayaks that don’t have a compartment for battery, It is designed in such a way that you can hold your battery and can access to the terminals in the same time. Min Kota Power Center comes in a dimension of 14.9 x 8.7 x 15 inches.  It is one of the best trolling motor batteries Holder available in the market. If you have a small boat or a kayak then you can effectively secure your battery in this trolling battery power station. However, the power center is not a battery itself, it is only a case. You can also connect your trolling motor and charger without opening the box. If you know the voltage and power of your trolling motor battery then you can easily choose a powerful case for your need. You just need to remember a few things before buying a good Min Kota Trolling Motor. If you are in a small boat or kayak then your power center must be compact and lightweight so it can’t add much load to your boat. It has a unique battery meter built into it so you can keep yourself update with the statue and power of your battery. Another feature is that has two manual circuit breakers; It has two manual circuit breakers, a 15 amp one  and 60 amp one and both are suitable for accessories and trolling motors. So, when you are going to purchase a Min Kota make sure that your power source meet both your battery power needs and kayak.


Things to Before Choosing a Trolling Motor Battery

Now, before we go into listing the best Trolling batteries on our radar, we like to share some tips to consider before you choose a motor battery to power your boat or kayak.

Purpose of the Motor Battery

The first thing you have to consider is the purpose of the motor battery. Do you intend to use it for deep cycle Trolling? Do you need a motor battery with a capacity to run for a long time? These are some questions you have to consider. We have motor batteries that can just crank the motor to start. However, you will need a motor battery that can provide both the starting power and consistent supply for your motor. This is why the dual purpose battery is recommended for running your motor, as it will provide a consistent capacity to run your motor engine for a long time.  

 The Amount of Power Stored in the Battery

In a deep cycle battery, you will always find the capacity of the battery in Amp Hour. The unit does measure the amount of electric power the battery can discharge in an hour. Unlike the dual purpose battery, where the unit of the power it can discharge is not labeled. It is required that the battery have enough electric power to run the trolling motor for the required time in the water. Smaller batteries usually have a range of power from 25A to 50A, while the larger one has a capacity of over 100A. So, it is only wise to buy a larger battery for your trolling motor that will have the capacity to start the engine and run the boat for a long time.  

The Power System of the Motor

Another important aspect you have to consider when choosing batteries for your motor engine is the power system. It is common to see deep cycle motor battery with 12v capacity, and you will need several of this if you want to power a 24v motor. Thus having knowledge of the power system of the motor and the required power it will need to operate efficiently is also important.  

The Design, Construction, and Maintenance of the Battery

The way heavy battery was designed requires some sort of maintenance in keeping them in good condition. They are very cumbersome and cause lots of vibration on the boat. But the latest Absorbent Glass Matta motor battery with lots of technological advancement has made it easy to use these batteries. They do not require maintenance as the heavy duty batteries required, and they are protected with plastic casings. The casing reduces the effect of vibration on the boat, and you can safely place them in any position to work effectively. With the protection of these AGM batteries, you are guaranteed to use these batteries for a long time. Using the above criteria will ensure that you choose the suitable battery for your motor and also an efficient and durable battery.

The manufacturer

It is important that you get your motor batteries from a reliable manufacturer, one who is trusted and had been around for some years. This is why you will find some people sticking to a particular product because they are comfortable that the brand cannot fail their expectation. There are some other advantages of sticking to a reliable manufacturer, as they offer a warranty and other incentives to their clients. Also with such popular brands, you are going to get good and honest reviews from real people that have used these products. It is common practice for a less popular brand to buy reviews online to gain some popularity, and this makes it difficult to know which review is real or fake and thus not trusting these reviews.


We have listed some of the best trolling motor batteries for your motor to enable you to have a nice and smooth experience while you go fishing and cruising on your boat and kayak. Choosing the best trolling motor batteries is more than just picking one with enough power, as you have to consider maintenance, its weight and the design of the battery. The design will determine how the battery is cased and the technology that was applied to designing the battery. These designs will go a long way to determine how you will enjoy the experience in using the batteries from your motor. So do go through the list of the best trolling motor batteries and pick the one that suits your needs. Also, check our reviewed  best spinning reel here