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13 Best Spinning Reels 2019 Under $100 – Ranked & Reviewed

by | Last updated Mar 28, 2019

The fishing reel is an essential accessory in fishing and having the best fishing reel give one an advantage that will allow one to enjoy fishing. One cannot underestimate the importance of the fishing reel in having nice and enjoyable time fishing. There are so many fishing reels in the market, and you can be caught out with a cheap and substandard fishing reel that will only leave you frustrated while fishing. To get the best spinning reel for the money, we have provided you with a spinning reel review that will enable you to make the right choice in purchasing the best fishing reel suitable for you.

Advantages of Spinning Reel

Before we go any further introducing you to the best fishing reel we have for you, we want to take a look at the benefits of using fishing reel while fishing.

  1. Light-Line: With a spinning reel, it is easier to cast lighter bait further than using a bait caster and this can be attributed to the fixed and open stool. The systems are so efficient in casting rods effortlessly and throw bait further and deeper which will increase your chances of catching more fishes. You will not have to struggle with casting using the spinning reel and thus makes your fishing experience more enjoyable.
  2. Windy Environment: The spinning reel is very efficient when casting in a very windy environment. You can easily control the line and get your line farther, and deeper.
  3. Versatility: The spinning reel is versatile and can be used in almost any environment and for fishing for any kind of fish. This is why I will recommend spinning reel for anyone because you can use it for any kind of environment.
  4. Drag Adjusting: One of the best features of the spinning reel I found very useful is that I can easily adjust my drag when struggling with a fish.
  5. Great for Every Experience Level: It is very easy to use, and it is perfect for teaching kids how to fish. With the spinning reel, you can easily grab how to use it and start fishing immediately.

Now we are going to look at some of the top spinning reels that we will recommend for you to enable you to have a nice fishing experience.

Fishing Rods Name Ball Bearing Gear Ratio  Weight  Price
Penn Battle II 6  5.2 : 1 1 Pound Check Price
Okuma Avenger ABF 6  5.0 : 1  1 Pound Check Price
Penn Spinfisher V 6  6.2 : 1  14.4 oz Check Price
Pflueger President 6 + 1  5.2 : 1  5.9 oz Check Price
Okuma Trio Reel (Editor’s Choice) 9  6.0 : 1  13.6 oz Check Price
Penn Pursuit II 4  5.2 : 1  2 Pounds Check Price
KastKing Sharky II 11  5.2 : 1  0.45 Pounds Check Price
Shimano Stradic FK 6+1  6.2 : 1  8.3 oz Check Price
Daiwa BG 3000 7  5.6 : 1  8.5 oz Check Price
Abu Garcia Revo SX 8 6.2 : 1  7.4 – 9.5 oz Check Price
Shimano Stradic Ci4 6+1 6.0 : 1  6.7 – 8.1 oz Check Price
Pflueger Supreme XT 10 6.2 : 1  6.0 – 8.7 oz Check Price
KastKing Summer & Centron Reel 9+1 5.2 : 1  8.9oz Check Price

1. Penn Battle II– Best Spinning Reel Under $100

This is one of the best spinning reels under $100 that is suitable for saltwater fishing, and it is engineered to give you smooth and effortless fishing experience. With proper care, Penn Battle II fishing rod will last longer for it is made of durable materials. One of the best features of this top spinning reels is that it eliminates pullback with its anti-reverse bearing. So you will not have to be too concern with balancing yourself or being interrupted when trying to pull the weight while dragging your catch no matter the size of the fish. The Penn Battle II spinning reel is one of the best ultralight fishing reels you can find, and it is made up of full body metal. The full metal body makes it suitable for any kind of environment, and you can easily drag any size of fish because this spinning reel will provide you with the balance to drag them over.


Some of the features of the Penn Battle II spinning reel include:

  • It has a powerful drag with its HT-100 carbon fiber drag system
  • It is a full metal body, made up of durable materials.
  • It has an instant anti-reverse bearing which makes it stable, and you will enjoy the uninterrupted fishing experience.
  • It comes with fluid cranking with a five sealed steel ball bearings.
Pros Cons
  • The Penn Battle II is lightweight, and you can easily fling it with either your left hand or right hand..
  • It has anti-reverse drag which enables you to drag your catch easily.
  • It is made of quality, durable materials.
  • It is affordable.
  • Because of its full metal body, the Penn Battle II can be a little heavier to handle than some other top-rated spinning reels.

2.  Okuma Avenger ABF – Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

The Okuma Avenger is among the top 10 spinning that is uniquely designed for anglers to enjoy a stress-free fishing expedition. The Okuma Avenger ABF was manufactured after thorough research to ensure that it provides quality performance and it is readily affordable. The Okuma Avenger is a bait feeder spinning reel, and it is suitable for catching big fish and hauling them out from the water. It is a lightweight spinning reel and gives you a smooth fishing experience, and it is very durable, made up of highly corrosive resistant materials. The Okuma Avenger ABF series are known for their bait feeding systems as you can easily disengage the spool and allow the line to run freely while not opening the bail of the spinning reel. A catch can run freely with the bait without any resistance as they are hooked properly on the line. The Okuma Avengers ABF comes in various sizes, ranging from 20 to 90, so anglers can use it for different applications such as catching different kinds of fishes. So you can choose the size that will suit your kind of fishing expedition since you can apply it over a wide range of use. You can find this best fishing reel under $100 to $150.


  • It has six stainless steel ball bearings.
  • A quick anti reverses system.
  • A bait feeding system that you can put on and off automatically.
  • Made up of corrosion resistant graphite material that made it suitable for various water environments.
  • It comes with machined aluminum handle knob of sizes ranging from 40 to 80.
  • A tight drag seal with hydro block system.
  • It is made of stainless steel ball wire that is resistant to corrosion.
  • You have one year warranty.
Pros Cons
  • You can disengage your spinning reel and allow your bait runs freely with its bait feeding system.
  • The drag is smooth and has enough power to drag big fishes.
  • You can use it in freshwater and saltwater environment.
  • The drag is so silent that you may not hear when a fish takes the bait.

3. Penn Spinfisher V  – Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

The Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel is one of the top spinning reels designed to stand saltwater environments. The fishing reel is made up of durable materials and can stand tough conditions for a long time. It has an excellent drag system and power that will enable you to drag the toughest game fish in the harshest conditions. There have been lots of positive Penn Spinfisher V reviews, and it is one of the best saltwater spinning reels in the market.


  • The spinning reels are watertight and thus can perform readily in saltwater and sandy environments.
  • Solid drag system with sealed HT-100 slammer for smooth drag.
  • A fluid cranking that comes with five shielded stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Quick anti-reverse bearing.
Pros Cons
  • Suitable for saltwater and sandy environment with its watertight feature.
  • You can cast long distance with the Penn Spinfisher V.
  • It has a smooth drag, and you can drag bigger game fish.
  • The Penn has a bail-less surf spinning reel.
  • It does not turn smoothly
  • Has poor quality control.

4. Pflueger President – Best Fishing Reel Under $50

The Pflueger President spinning reel is one of the best spinning reels for the money. It is designed to last long and enough drag power in its system. The Pflueger President reviews highlight the great features of this top-rated spinning reel that will ensure you enjoy your fishing expedition. It is made up of the graphite material which gives the Pflueger President spinning reel its ultra lightweight. It also ensures that you can use this spinning reel for a long time as the graphite material ensures its durability. It is one of the best spinning reels under 50 dollars you can find in the market today, and it is suitable for expert anglers as well as learners.



Some of the features of the Pflueger President spinning reel includes:

  • Multi drag disc system that ensures it has enough drag power to haul big catches.
  • It has nine steel ball bearings that enable its smoothness.
  • Graphite body that enables that it is extremely lightweight and which its smoothness attributes can be accounted to the graphite body.
  • Automatic on and off ant reverse system
Pros Cons
  • It is extremely lightweight with its body made up of Graphite.
  • It has a good drag system, and you will enjoy uninterrupted.
  • On and off anti-reverse, this makes it easy to use.
  • It is one of the best spinning reels for the price.
  • There have been experiencing from spinning reels reviews that the bell in the Pflueger President spinning reel does come out when using it.

5.  Okuma Trio – High-Speed Spinning Reel Under $50

The Okuma Trio reel is one of the best fishing reels you can find in the market. It is extremely lightweight weight and sturdy, made of aluminum stern and graphite material which makes it light in weight. You will enjoy smooth operation when you use the Okuma Trio Reel with its crossover construction and unique design. The design ensures that you are stable enough to drag big catch with a smoothness you will not find in other spinning reels. The Okuma Trio Reel can be listed among the top 10 spinning reels as you can find in most spinning reel reviews. Check out also review of Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel.  


  • A quick anti-reverse setting.
  • A hybrid of graphite and aluminum design to give it its lightweight features.
  • Precision dual force drag systems that ensure that it is smooth and can pull enough drag power.
  • It has stainless steel bearings.
  • It is designed with a spool hybrid system.


Pros Cons
  • It is the best spinning reel under $50 you can find in the market.
  • It performs smoothly without much stress ensures that you enjoy your fishing expedition.
  • Designed with a drag system that ensures that you can drag big catch effortlessly.
  • One of the best fishing reels you can find that you can easily handle because of its lightweight.
  • It is made up of quality material that will ensure that it is durable.
  • It has no major cons except that some anglers had complained that it does break easily.

6. PENN Pursuit II – Best Fishing Reel Under $100

The Penn Pursuit II is also one of the best budget fishing reels under $100 you can find in the market that will deliver good quality. Penn has remained a reputed manufacturer of the best spinning reel, and they have continued to produce quality reels for anglers. And they did not fail anglers according to the Penn Pursuit II 4000 reviews where it says highly rated as one of the best fishing reels. It is powerful with a suitable drag power to drag your catch effortlessly. One of the lightweight fishing reels you can find, and it is very comfortable to handle according to anglers.


  • It provides adequate drag power for anglers that do not have enough money.
  • Made up of durable materials with its graphite body, aluminum side plate, and graphite rotor.
  • It is smooth despite its drag power due to its oiled felt drag system.
  • It has fluid cranking.
  • Four shielded stainless steel ball bearings and its instant anti-reverse.
  • Graphite body that ensures it is lightweight and does not corrode easily.
  • Comfortable to handle with its ergonomic handle
Pros Cons
  • It is extremely lightweight and can be handled with comfort.
  • Adequate drag power to haul your catch effortlessly.
  • It is made up of durable material so it can last for a long time.
  • An anti-reverse system to ensure effortless work when dragging your catch.
  • It is affordable, and you can get it cheap.
  •   It does come with an anti-reverse switch which makes it much easier.

7. Kastking Sharky II – Best Freshwater Spinning Reel

The kastking Sharky II review shows us one of the best freshwater spinning reels as it is suitable for trout fishing and a whole lot more. The Kastking Sharky II is very comfortable to handle for its lightweight features and smooth angling. The Kastking Sharky II is one of the best fishing reels in the market, and it is suitable for both beginners and professional anglers. It is designed for efficiency as the cast can go farther and deeper and has a strong Drag System to ensure that you can pull big game catch out effortlessly. The KastKing Sharky II spinning reel has an instant stop and anti-reverse so you will have to focus more on your fishing and less worry about losing your catch. It is one of the most powerful fishing reels you can find in the market as it can drag monster fish from greater depth.

Key Features:

  • It has a 10+1 MaxiDur steel bearings
  • An instant stop and anti-reverse for an enjoyable fishing experience.
  • Its triple disc carbon fiber drag enables it to drag weight up to 48.5 LB.s
  • It has a stainless steel brass.
  • Precision mesh brass gear.
  • Machined an aluminum spool which is light and sturdy as well.
  • It is Waterproof and designed to prevent entering of dirt.
  • Premium drag carbon fiber washer.
Pros Cons
  • It is Waterproof and blocks dirt from entering which makes it durable and last longer.
  • You can fish at greater depth, and you can cast your line further.
  • It has the drag power to drag monster fishes.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to handle.
  • It is very smooth and fluid
  • There are very little complain about the fishing rod, and one is that it does not have a clicker.

8. Shimano Stradic FK – Best Reel for the Money 

The Shimano Stradic FK is the best fishing reel for the money, even though it is a little bit expensive, it provides a great experience with its advanced features. Shimano is a reputable manufacturer and has lived up to their expectations with the Shimano Stradic FK specs as it beats lots of expectations. They have developed an Hagane technology which was used in the production of the Shimano Stradic FK. When it comes to fishing reel reviews, the Shimano Stradic will stand among the top 10 spinning reels. It is a tough fishing reel and enough strength to drag big fish effortlessly, and with its technology, it is very durable. Most experienced anglers will tell you that it is the best spinning reel they have used. You experience comfort when you use them as the G free body provides you with comfort and you will not get tired easily with this spinning reel.


  • Hagane body which is essential for its robustness, strength, and durability.
  • Hagane gear gives it the strength to drag catch effortlessly.
  • Aluminum cold forged spool.
  • Fluid drive II which is essential for its smoothness.
  • A unique propulsion line management system.
Pros Cons
  • It gives the best experience to anglers
  • It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • You will not feel fatigue easily with this spinning reel.
  • Advanced Hagane technology.
  • It is durable.
  • It is very expensive and cannot be affordable for most anglers.

9.  Daiwa BG 3000  Spinning Reel 

Daiwa BG 3000 is a revolutionary spinning reel, and it is one of the best spinning reels for the money. It is leaner and tougher and provides comfort when you use it that you do not get tired. The Daiwa BG provides an enjoyable fishing experience for both beginners and experienced anglers. It is very beautiful with its unique black and gold design, and it provides you with unique fishing experience. It comes with anti-reverses, so you do not have to worry about your catch running away.


  • It has a HardBodyz body and side cover
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has air rotor with a Dynamic Cut Aluminum Design.
  • Digital gear design.
  • It has a waterproof Drag System Carbon ATD machined aluminum screw.
  • Larger 7 bearing system 6RB + 1 RB
  • Anti-reverse system.
  • Infinite dual anti-reverse system.
Pros Cons
  • It is leaner and lightweight.
  • It is very strong, and regardless of its weight, it is a mean spinning reel.
  • It is very smooth when operating and has a lot of power behind it.
  • It is the best spinning reel for the money.
  • The Daiwa BG reviews have shown that it does not have any major con apart from the fact that it is very expensive.

10. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel 

The Abu Garcia Revo SX spinning reel is one of the top-rated spinning reels you can find in the market. You will notice that this spinning reel is a little smaller than its previous series, but it still maintains its robustness and power like the previous series. The Abu Garcia Revo SX is one of the best freshwater spinning reels, but it is also suitable for saltwater and deep water fishing. It has a strong drag system to ensure that you drag along the fiercest fish as they put up a great fight. It is designed to ensure that braid does not slip out when being used as the aluminum braid ready spool provides a solid hold on the braid.

Pros Cons
  • It is tough and durable
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • It is worth the money spent buying this spinning reel.
  • It has enough power to haul big fishes.
  • It is very expensive and not readily affordable.

11. Shimano Stradic Ci4

 Shimano has come out with another excellent spinning reel product in the Shimano Stradic Ci4, and this is a good looking spinning reel. The Shimano Stradic Ci4 has lots of great features like using a Hagane like gear construction, with a G free body system. The Shimano Stradic Ci4 is a light spinning reel that is very comfortable to use and handle. It is designed to be durable and last longer, and you will not have to worry about buying a new spinning reel soon.


  • It has a max drag force of 20 lbs.
  • 6 ball bearings
  • 1 roller bearings.
  • 35 retrieve per crank range.
  • It offers 4 models
  • It has a front drag.
Pros Cons
  • It has a lot of power behind it with its front drag.
  • It is smooth to use.
  • It is designed to reduce fatigue when used for a long time.
  • It is the best spinning reel for the money.
  • It is designed with unique technology
  • You can buy this spinning reel just below $200, and it is on the high side for most anglers. Although it has great features, it is not readily affordable.

12. Pflueger Supreme XT  

The Pflueger Supreme XT is one of the good spinning reels you can find in the market, and experienced anglers will appreciate its great features. It is featherweight fishing reel with its magnesium body. The sealed carbon drag system offers strong pulling power on strong fish. The Eva handle knob designed with the Pflueger Supreme XT makes it comfortable to handle. You can tie braid easily on the spool and you are guaranteed that it will not pull off.


  • It has a magnesium frame which enables featherweight.
  • Sealed carbon washer which gives it enough power.
  • 10 stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Smart retrieves technology.
  • Braid ready spool.
  • Eva knobs and lightweight carbon handle.
Pros Cons
  • It is a featherweight.
  • It is smooth to handle and extremely comfortable to use.
  • With its seal carbon system, it has enough dragging power to pull huge weight.
  • It provides smooth performance.
  • It is a little bit expensive than other good spinning reels.


13. KastKing Summer & Centron Spinning Reels   

The KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels are one of the best spinning reels under $50 and it has an excellent design which gives it a beautiful look. It is one of the best budget fishing reels and with it loaded features, it is surprising that you can get it at such a low price. It is extremely lightweight and offers a comfortable feel and smooth use. It is suitable for fishing in freshwater and very powerful with a maximum pulling weight of 17lbs. It is the best fishing reel for those on a budget as you can get it just below $25 and it works perfectly with great features. I will recommend this fishing for anybody especially for freshwater fishing and fishing for trout’s, bass and the rest. It can cast for a long distance and can go deeper also and thus you can drag bigger fish with its drag power.


  • Designed to make you feel like a pro when you are fishing.
  • It is designed with a graphite frame which attributes to its lightweight.
  • Superior drag system which enables enough power to haul big catch.
  • Hardened metal main shaft.
  • Perfect mesh drives gear.
  • 9 ball bearings.
Pros Cons
  • It is very affordable.
  • It looks very good and beautiful.
  • It operates smooth and has the power to drag big fishes.
  • It is nine balls bearing reel less smooth rather than ten ball.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of anglers from experienced to new users but form spinning reel reviews, they have been complaining about the parts falling off.

How We Picked Best Spinning Reels Under $100 Budget

You may have considered how we picked these best spinning reels over all others and why we consider them as the best spinning reels for the money. Well, we may not have used all the spinning reels, but we have studied the top spinning reels reviews and have acquired knowledge about what users said about them. Now we are going to point out how we picked the best spinning reels:

  1. Their Durability: One thing we look for when we review the best spinning reels is their durability, and this is very important as you do not want to buy inferior products. Buying an inferior spinning reel that will break on the slightest stress is a waste of resources. You need something that will stand the stress of fierce fighting fish, and this is why we consider the materials used in making the spinning reels.

We pay close attention to the materials use in the manufacturing of the products, and we add those that are made of quality materials to our list. We will not recommend a spinning reel that will break easily, and you cannot use it for a long time.

  1. The manufacturers:  We also consider the manufacturers of the products in the spinning reel reviews under $100 as some of these manufacturers had stood the test of time. They have been producing quality spinning reels for a long time and had continued to upgrade their products with the latest features.

You should also be aware that the new manufacturers that have made their mark in the spinning reel industry. These manufacturers have applied the latest technology in the manufacturing of their products to produce the best use by anglers. This has set them as manufacturers to consider in the industry when it comes to spinning reels.

  1. Their operating system: There are different working systems that are applied to different spinning reels, and it is important that we picked the best spinning reel under $100 dollars in this system. This kind of system will ensure the smoothness, casting strength, casting power and their ability to work efficiently in a different environment. The operating system usually set spinning reel apart as we can differentiate a good spinning reel from an average one.

The kind of operating system will determine the dragging power and will determine the kind of fish it can catch. A strong dragging power can drag in big fishes and can perform better in a deep water environment. The operating system will also determine their suitability in certain environments such as sandy environment and saltwater environments.

  1. The Body: The body of the spinning reel is also another factor we consider in choosing the spinning reel. The materials used in making the body is important in giving strength and flexibility to the fishing reel and in most cases, they are made of aluminum or graphite or a combination of the two of them to give the spinning reel strength and flexibility.
  2. Size of the Rod: Size of the rod is another important aspect in choosing a rod as the incorrect size will only bring your frustration when you are fishing. So in our spinning reel review, we always seek a spinning reel with smaller size and lightweight that you can easily handle.
  3. The Drag System: The drag system is another thing you have to consider when choosing a spinning reel. The drag system will determine the power of the spinning reel to drag in larger and bigger fishes from the water. When you are fishing in deep water or in an environment of big fishes, it is important that you consider the power of the drag system to haul in fighting fishes.

Things to Consider When Buying Spinning Reel

1. The price:  You have to consider the price when you want to purchase a spinning reel. You can find quality spinning reels at various price ranges and it depends on your budget and what you can afford. If you are on a budget, they are good spinning reels that you can buy at a cheaper rate and you will enjoy using them. Also if you have a reasonable amount of money to spend on spinning reels, then you can find quality spinning reels that are of the topmost quality to purchase. So one of the most important things to consider in buying a spinning reel is the amount you are willing to spend on getting a good spinning reel.

  1.  The manufacturer of the product:  One other thing you have to consider about the spinning reel is the manufacturer of the products. There are so many manufacturers of spinning reels and you can find different products in the market. They are some manufacturers that have made a name for themselves over the years and you can find them in the market. There are also new manufacturers that are making a huge impact with the latest technology to provide a quality product. It is important that you know about the manufacturers and the kind of products that they produce.

You should know about their technology and this will determine the kind of system they use in their operations. With this, you will know if they are suitable for your use. Some people only use a particular manufacturer of spinning reel because they are comfortable with their operating systems.

  1.  Your fishing environment:  Your fishing environment can also determine the kind of spinning reel you will use. You cannot use a spinning reel made specifically for a freshwater environment in a saltwater environment. Or you want to make use of a fishing reel made to pick up small fishes for fishes in large environments.

This is where you have to consider the type of environment suitable for the fishing reel. You will always get to know this from spinning reel reviews and for the manufacturers. When you know your fishing environment, you can then determine the kind of fishing reel you can buy, or if you are the kind that goes fishing in a different environment, then you can get a good fishing reel that you can use for almost any kind of environment. Also if you are fishing in deep water, then you will need a fishing reel that can cast further and deeper.

  1. Spinning reels reviews:  Before you go to buy a new spinning reel, you have to consider the opinion of those that have made use of that particular spinning reel. And that is where the spinning reel reviews become important. As it will give you recent update of user’s experience on the use of the products. You can find the defect and advantages of using the products and if they have any problems or shortcomings. It will also give you an insight into the features of the products and this will let you know if these spinning reels will be suitable for you.

There are enough spinning reels reviews under $100  online and you can find reviews of different spinning reels from users that have used these products. So you should read these reviews and get to know more about the products you want to buy. In conclusion, we have considered some of the best spinning reels under 100 dollars that you can use for both beginners and experienced anglers based on different factors. We have listed a number of good spinning reels that you can consider to use in different environments and this was based on different spinning reel reviews and personal experience. You can find suitable fishing reels that you can use if you are on a budget or you have money to spend on quality fishing reels. So you can get enough good time fishing with the right fishing reels by choosing any of these products we have reviewed categorically for you. These spinning reels are durable, made up of quality materials that will ensure that they are durable and can stand the test of time. They will also ensure that you have good time fishing as you can haul your catch effortlessly with good dragging systems You can drop in your comment or what you want to know more about any of these products and we will be of help to ensure that you get the best fishing reel that will ensure you have good experience fishing.