Bass fishing tipsWhether you want to go bass fishing for, or for just enjoyment you must always need to know the basics. The first thing every beginner need to know about fishing is the nature of fish you are going after. Learning about bass fishing help you to develop skills in catching them. It might seem intimidating to beginners to watch Bassmasters on TV or the “pros” on YouTube to catch bass fish with their skills.  

But the Question is still there “How To Catch More Bass Fish”. Fishing for bass is easier than most people think. I have personally talked with some of the best bass fisherman in the U.S. about their secret strategies and techniques, and their favorite locations for catching fishes. In this guide, you will learn Advanced Bass Fishing Tips & Secrets that will help you to become a more successful bass angler.  

 Why Bass Fishing 

There are a number of reasons to fish for these incredible animals. One of the best reason is that no matter where you live in the country you can easily catch these fishes in Lakes, Rivers, Streams etc.  

Bass Fishing Tips

Like every sport, you need to know the best techniques and methods to win the game. Similarly, in Bass Fishing, you need to be always ready for catching bass.  

During Summer the Bass fish mostly hides and you have to be flexible in your fishing skills enough to create your own strategy and make the most out of it.  

Save Shredded Worms 

Bass Fishes like to fall prey on wounded lures. So, save your shredded worms to catch them at full.  These are perfect for catching bass in shallow water.   

Keep it Simple 

Don’t start directly by purchasing expensive fishing gadgets for bass instead make it simple and save your money. First, Learn about the latest fishing tactics and equipment. Take a look about fishing equipment here.  

1. My Trusty Tackle Box – Fishing Gear 

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It is always good to check your tackle box for the latest fishing gears like a fishing rod, spinning reel, lures to handle any kind of situation during bass. You don’t have to be fancy in selecting fishing gadgets. Instead take a look at My Trusty Tackle Box for best fishing rods here, affordable spinning reel and last but not least depth finder. My Tackle Box always includes.

  • Ugly Stik spinning rods 
  • Penn Spinfisher V 
  • Germin Striker 4 GPS 
  • Spinner baits 
  • Crank baits   
  • Plastic worms 

 If you have the time to go for a read then here is the some of my detailed review about fishing rods, best spinning reels, depth finder.

My trusty tackle box

The best thing I like about Ugly Stick is his great sensitivity which you need most in catching bass fish. There are a lot of gear on the market which can help you to enhance your bass fishing skills but if you are totally a newbie then I recommend my Trust tackle box mentioned above to start your trip. Check out crankbait rods also for better fishing.

2. Check Weather   

When the sun is out and shining full then bass fish looks for shelter. But, when weather is rough, bass will come out of their shelters which will increase the chance of you catching bass. Weather conditions always have a great impact on bass fish. That’s why every angler should have knowledge of the behavior of bass fish in different weather conditions.  

My Personal Tip:  To catch these basses on sunny days go with a bottom bouncing bait like a skirted jig to flip them out of the water.  


3. Check Water Temperature 

Water temperature can have a great impact on the number of fishes you caught. If you are fishing in cold water then you should throw slower moving lures but if you are going to fish in warmer water then fast lures must be your option.

4. Choose Location 

Location? Huh Really… How is it sound like?  If someone tells you that he will share his secret location to catch more fishes. Always select a good location to catch bass. In fact, if you select a wrong place for fishing, it doesn’t matter how long will be you sitting there and how good you are. God’s will be always against you.  

Take me fishing

Go to the right lake and you have a good chance of catching as many fishes as you can.  

According to a recent study, you can find hundreds of Lakes in America where you can find a ton of bass. I think Lake Fork, Texas is the best Lake to get a ton of bass in 2018.  

5. Use Wind 

Believe it or not, if it’s bass then wind can be your friend. In most of the time, wind stimulates the bass which increases the chances of their bite on the bait. Never lose hope on windy days until there is a storm coming. Always, make sure that there is some distance between your cast & fish so that they won’t find your boat before your bait.  

6. Be Patience  

You need to be patient in catching Bass. They are like predators moving from one place to another always looking for baits. So, if you don’t find any fish in one place don’t lose hope and move to the next place. Try different locations. 

PRO Tip:  Try to Cast in the Shallow water close to shore. You have more chances of catching bass there than anywhere else.  

7.Become a Knot Tying Pro

Whether you are using a high-tech fishing gear or some tips from a professional angler you can’t be successful in catching a fish unless you are good at tying a knot. The Right knot can help you land more fishes without much effort.  You must the type of knot before going to fish. Although it is very hard for some fisherman to decide the knot due to a countless number of fine knots.  

Palomar Knot

One of the strongest, fastest & easiest fishing knot every kid was taught when they first try fishing. It works very well with fluorocarbon fishing line. While it is highly recommended for Berkley Fireline. You can have this knot with your hooks and lures directly. You can read or may watch a detailed video tutorial on how to tie a Palomar knot.  

Alberto Knot

When Palomar knot doesn’t help you in catching bass then Alberto Knot came handy. It is a fantastic knot and gives you a powerful connection for making mono to mono knots or braid to mono. The choice is yours! 

It is a money saving knot because you can use this knot with multiple lines together.