Would you by any chance be on the lookout for a really good lightweight Okuma Ceymar spinning reel that costs less than ? Is multifaceted fishing tell something you want as you fish in both freshwater and saltwater spinning reel? How do you feel about performance? Do you want something you can fully rely on when push comes to shove? If these questions seem like something you have been asking yourself, then it’s without a doubt clear that you are searching for an inexpensive, high quality yet lightweight spinning reel which is able to perform better than most other reels in its class. Look no further than the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel.

This Spinning Reel might appear lightweight and small, however, this is something that thoroughly shows its quality in its performance. Its aluminum handle has been forged to be powerful and has been fixed with high-quality EVA knobs.


The reel has an elliptical gearing mechanism that has been designed to be precise, as well as the inclusion of accurately machined brass pinion gears which have been designed to increase durability. This reel’s spinning action is extremely smooth thanks to its 7 bearings that have rapidly set anti-reverse bearings which have been completely designed to offer a smooth performance that all types of fishermen desire.

Other aspects of this reel ensure it is an extremely inexpensive and durable spinning reel which is also lightweight. These features include its compact yet robust blade frame design, lightweight handling, its balanced rotor and ported spool which both help to lower the total weight of the reel.


To understand this amazing spinning reel, we first have to know more about the design process embarked on at Okuma. Okuma has three watchwords for every spinning reel they make and they are Precise, Beautiful, Smooth. These words are part of the thought process embarked on in creating the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel. Okuma is a trusted and experienced maker of fishing kits with a renowned mission to provide a great fishing experience for all anglers. The company has more than 30 years of professional experience in not only designing but also creating fishing reels. The desire for putting out quality reels has caused them to be renowned for excellence.


These type of reels are known to be the most versatile of all fishing reels. They also hold the biggest fishing line capacity. Spinning reels are typically seamless to cast, as they usually have a larger casting distance without the frequent hindrance of backlashes. Okuma’s Ceymar lightweight Spinning Reel is one that embodies this. It is pretty certain that most fishermen began fishing using spinning reels, becoming accustomed to them and never really seeing the need to switch to any other type of reel. It is pretty certain that the Okuma Ceymar could be the sole fishing reel most fishermen would need. Okuma has created 7 varying models of its super lightweight spinning reel, ranging from compact and lightweight categories like the C 10 to the durable C 65.

Who Does The Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel Fit?

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

The aim of this section is to explain what type of angler would be perfectly suited to use this lightweight spinning reel. This spinning reel is perfect for anglers that are on a tight budget or those that prefer to be conscious about their angling budget. What is so great about the Okuma Ceymar is the fact that all 7 models can be purchased for a maximum of just. This ensures it is one of the best spinning reels one can purchase within this traditionally limiting price point. It is also a wonderful fit for both new fishermen and seasoned ones alike. This is down to its durability that measures the reel lasts for a particularly long time, as well as how easy it is to use.

Features of Okuma Ceymar

Everyone of the 7 varying models of the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel comes with a cyclical rotor flow design which helps to increase the flow of air through the rotor. Its unique design not only increases airflow but also reduces the chances of corrosion and water intrusion. These Spinning reels come with an elliptical gearing system that is so accurate it helps to reduce the friction experienced during casting. When friction is reduced, casting distance increases, alongside accuracy and the general durability of the fishing line.

Since friction is reduced, the line offers a much smoother and uniformed drag pressure. The drag experienced can be adjusted by seamlessly turning the dial situated above the reel. It can be decreased or increase. The drag dial comes with a clicking noise when turned to alert the user to the fact that it is working well.

Other features built into the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel are 7BB and 1RB which provide amazing smoothness, its rapid set roller bearing that has been designed in the anti-reverse position. The body of the reel has been manufactured with graphite which has been treated to be resistant to corrosion. The handle in the Spinning Reel is a sturdy, black anodised version of forged zinc. All these materials have been designed in a way that ensures the weight of the reels is compact.

Certain models for the Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel come with a handle style that is ergonomically friendly. Handling this reel is easy to do as it comes with a narrow blade body which helps to reduce fatigue. This is one of the first things an angler noticed when he uses this reel. No one wants to stop fishing because of fatigue caused by a reel. Its spool line control mechanism helps to increase the effectiveness of line-lay. It has a rotor that has been designed with a cyclonic flow. This helps the Okuma to offer more accurate tolerances for issues Kirk correct gear alignment, ultimate durability and maximum cast distance. Its zinc handle has been designed and manufactured to handle the stress associated with long fish reeling battles. This bespoke die-cast handle made from zinc offers torque and strength when necessary.